Arizona continues to produce very good players who are highly skilled.  We always get excited about getting down to the desert, and some of our greatest stories come from our tryouts there.  One of the best oments that I would like to share here is something we say every time we step out of the car and start setting up any tryout.  Several years ago, we walked onto a field in Phoenix and found Allysa DeCarlo, who signed with the University of Georgia this past Fall.  At that time, she was not being highly recruited. However, after finding her and inviting her to one of our events, her world changed.  And we remember that every day of every tryout.  So when we step out of that car, I will say, "let's go find Alyssa DeCarlo."  Every time!! At EVERY TRYOUT!!

So, here is the list of players from our Arizona Tryout who we will be invited to an event in the next 12 months. 

Araceli Pesqueira
Ashley Portugal
Berlin Colvin
Karrie Barnes
Kaylee Erickson
Lara Mazzio
Lauren Eamiguel
Madeline Forshey
Megan Lutz
Mikaeli Davidson
Natalie Montgomery
Nicole Shano
Piper Lujan
Rachel Hammons
Shaylee Ackerman
Taylor Fawcett

We have a number of young ones who are on the "ones to watch" list, and others on the proverbial "bubble" list.  So a number of others will most likely be getting invitations - maybe in the Fall.

Take care, and best wishes and we hope we will see you at the Ball Park this Summer.

Please understand that these are only numbers that illustrate strengths and weaknesses for each player.  We hope you will maintain those strengths and shore up those weaknesses.  That work can only make you a better player in the future. 

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