We want to thank Bill Judge for his help in setting up this event. The fields at Inwood Park were simply amazing. Monday was a day that was interrupted by rain delays, and those fields simply took all that water and within minutes were ready to go again.  Jeff, who is in charge of the facility, was amazing as well. We are so thankful to him for getting those fields ready for us and for being so accommodating throughout the two days we were there.  All in all, it was a wonderful two days.

Most importantly, we got to see some very fine players who we are anxious to put in front of the college coaching community in the months ahead. Here is the list of those who are guaranteed a spot moving forward.  At this point in time, we will be inviting three of these players to Colorado.  The rest will be invited to the Chicago Jamboree in July or the Pennsylvania Jamboree in early September.  The Colorado and Chicago invitations should be going out in the days ahead.  We would encourage all these players to make sure info@ondecksoftball.net is on the list of permissable contacts, that way, the invitations won't be missed.

Lauren Anderson
Rachel Becker
Melissa Benson
Jaidyn Brown
Meg Cohrs
Jocelyn Currie
Bobbi Davidson
Mikaela Domico
Abby Edwards
Grace Frazier
Kristin Fry
Abby Garcia
Sloan Gayan
Sam Hilldale
Chloe Jefferson
Kylie Johnson
Hannah Kalnicky
Amanda Karnatz
Katie Keller
Sydney Logsdon
Randi Mckay
Alex Mendoza
Amber Mussey
Emily  Schultz
Ashley Schultz
Siera Sieberth
Kelly Walinski
Alina Yazek

Congrats to all these young ladies for their fine performances. We hope all those who tried out will continue to work and develop.  Remember, this journey is a process . . . and as I have said many times - today's 9th grade superstar is rarely the superstar five years from now.  Take care, and best wishes.

As always, I like to remind players and parents that these are just numbers and nothing more  While the raw athleticsim is extremely important, players still have to field it, throw it, hit it, pitch it, and catch it if they are going to be effective players at any level.  It is our hope that you all will look at these numbers and figure out what you need to work on simply to become a better athlete in the years ahead.

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