From Atlanta, we traveled up to Kentucky for the Louisville Tryout.  We are really excited about this area, and the proximity to so many great softball areas - Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, etc - ensures we will be coming back here for years to come.  Josh Bloomer, a very high energy and impressive individual, cliimbed off a bus on Saturday evening and met us at his High School field at 7:00 AM.  Josh then proceeded to work with us for the next 10+ hours as we worked out a number of athletes from this area.  KJ and I can't tell you how good it was to meet Josh, and we appreciate all the work he did for OnDeck Softball. 

We were excited about the players we saw during the course of the day.  Kennedy Sullivan, Bayleigh Masterson, and Hailey Niederkohr are simply a few of the talented players we saw on this day.  All three have a chance to be highly recruited.  Sullivan is an athlete who can just play, Masterson has some real hitting potential and is smooth with the glove and Niederkohr is just a player, she can play on the dirt or grass, and she can swing the bat.  We will be excited to see all three of them, along with a number of others from this Tryout, performing at our recruiting events.  

So here is the list of players we guarantee a spot in a recruiting event moving forward.  Congragulations to all these young ladies:

Sarah Abucohn
Caitlyn  Brinkley
Delaney Devor
Brittany Ernst
Erin Gallagher
Tyra Graham
Carmen Holt
Grace Hunger
Marlee Karem
Lauren Martin
Bayleigh Masterson
Hailey Niederkohr
Riley Stoneburner
Kennedy Sullivan
Princess Valencia
Sydney Vaughn

These players will be invited to either the Colorado National Jamboree or the Chicago Jamboree in July, maybe both.  Also on tap for them will be our first Northeastern event - the Pennsylvania Jamboree that will be held next fall in Johnstown, PA.

This group in Louisville was extremely young, and there were a number of players who are going to be very good . . . they just need a year or two more before they are ready for a OnDeck Jamboree. 

We hope to see you in the near future.  Once again, thanks to Josh and his Athletic Director for helping us with the Louisville Tryout.  

As always, we like to remind players and parents that these are just numbers and nothing more  While the raw athleticsim is extremely important, players still have to field it, throw it, hit it, pitch it, and catch it if they are going to be effective players at any level.  It is our hope that you all will look at these numbers and figure out what you need to work on simply to become a better athlete in the years ahead.

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