The Sacramento Tryout saw some talented player come through the event.  There were some stand out performances from catchers whose pop times were 1.81, 1.82, 1.84, and 1.85.  We had 4 players hit home runs off of Katie Cotta in live pitching, not an easy feat.  And a few who had returned to try again and had stepped up their game. The weather was perfect.  Ginger and Jason from the NorCal Patriots did a wonderful job with front toss and fungo, along with Katie Cotta pitching to each and every girl in the event.  Katie you are a stud!

Below is the list of girls we will move on to an event in the coming year.  There are more that are on the bubble list and could see an upcoming invite.  To the others, keep working on your game, you need to be a total package: hitting and fielding plus athleticism. 

Evelyn Andrews
Maddison Ayers
Morgan Babbitt
Brittney Baisden
Jessilyn  Barrow
Allison Beaudry
Madeleine Berni
Destiny  Blueford
Devon Casazza
Savannah Corrie
Reyna Cota
Carolyn Dallimore
Hannah Dardano
Makenna Firenze
Kevyn Freehill
Shelby Frutoz
Kailie Hargis
Vanessa Hernandez
Jordyn Hutchins
Sadie Langlet
Micaela Leal
Makenzie Macfarlane
Mazie Macfarlane
Cheyenne Mahy
Julia  McCormack
Bailey  McLaughlin
Karissa Mejia
Hailey Merlino
Natalie Miller
Olivia Moore
Akeylah Moses
Karsen O'Rourke
Christina Padilla
Mackenzie Parks
Savannah Price
Courtney Riley
Kailey Rossiter
Alyssa Rude
Chloe  Smith
Katelyn Snow
Arabella  Strach
Naomi Terrazas
Kennedy Thomas
Tayler Walker
Kaylee White
Cali Wyand

As always, I like to remind players and parents that these are just numbers and nothing more  While the raw athleticsim is extremely important, players still have to field it, throw it, hit it, pitch it, and catch it if they are going to be effective players at any level.  It is our hope that you all will look at these numbers and figure out what you need to work on simply to become a better athlete in the years ahead.

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