We had a great time in San Diego and really appreciate all the help we received from the Power Surge organization.  Also, we would like to thank Dana Sorenson for helping us by throwing live BP.  We got a great look at some very good players.  

We have a list of bubble kids who still may receive an invitation, probably in the Fall.  However, the following players are guaranteed a spot going.  Congrats to these players, and we will look forward to seeing you all soon.

Casey Beemiller
Jacey Bourgeois
Keely Clark
Mary Dungey
Lauren Dvorak
Marisa Estrada
Taylor Gindlesperger
Jalyse Hanson
Janiana Jusay
Ashley Kopp
Kennedy Labshere
Kylie Pignone
Italia Reinoehl
Sara Vicinanza
Madison Westmoreland
Kelsie Whitmore

As always, we like to remind players and parents that these are just numbers and nothing more  While the raw athleticsim is extremely important, players still have to field it, throw it, hit it, pitch it, and catch it if they are going to be effective players at any level.  It is our hope that you all will look at these numbers and figure out what you need to work on simply to become a better athlete in the years ahead.

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