We saw many girls that we hadn't seen before, like Alyssa Cuffia, and some returners who have really stepped up their game, like Hailee Rios.  A big thanks goes out to Bob Surane, Jorge Colon and Bobby Oaks who hit fungo, pitched front toss and batting practice.  Also thanks to Birmingham Charter HS for allowing us to use their softball facility for our tryout, a very nice set up. 

Here is the list of players feel are ready for a Jamboree in the next 12 months

Alyssa Cuffia
Alyssa Martinez
Angelique Besnard
Brayden  Nunley
cameron  wood
D'Asha  Saiki
Emily Iannotti
Hailee Rios
Kylie Norwood
Madeline Domingo
Madyson Camacho
Madyson Marvulli
Makeila  Laulu
Mallory Kasinger
Marissa Chavez
McKenzie Barbara
Micayla Aquilar
Sarah Ladd
Taylor Tonoian
Xitlali Lopez

As always, I like to remind players and parents that these are just numbers and nothing more  While the raw athleticsim is extremely important, players still have to field it, throw it, hit it, pitch it, and catch it if they are going to be effective players at any level.  It is our hope that you all will look at these numbers and figure out what you need to work on simply to become a better athlete in the years ahead.

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