The Arizona Jamboree is the last Jamboree of the fall recruiting season and held in conjuction with Pre-Thanksgiving tournament, showcasing the players skills in front of college coaches. This regional Jamboree is designed for younger players to jump start their recruiting process.

  • Interested in attending the Arizona Jamboree? Attend a Tryout in your area. If you attended an Tryout and were selected for a Jamboree, email us indicating your interest in attending the Arizona Jamboree. Invitations are sent via email until the end of October. Email us with questions, at
  • Attended a different OnDeck Event and interested in attending Arizona Jamboree? Learn more here.

This is a limited invitation-only event, featuring players from the 2020-2024 graduating classes. To be selected for this event a player has to have an OnDeck evaluation from a Tryout or previous Jamboree, or have been seen at a tournament. Learn more about OnDeck Tryouts here.

What to Wear & Bring – Practice gear and cleats. Players will receive a numbered tank top (color will correspond to Grad Year). Bring your glove, bat and necessary equipment.
Water & Snacks – Please bring water, snacks and lunch, it will not be provided. Be ready to stay hydrated and energized!
Payment - The full payment is due with registration. Please review our REFUND POLICY.
TAP Assessment - Jamboree participants can take the TAP Assessment and get the coaches report. Players will be emailed the link to take the TAP Assessment prior to the Jamboree. Learn more

OnDeck Profile - All registered players will have a basic OnDeck Softball Profile or paid premium profile. This enables us to post a roster for the coaches and for the coaches to view your information. Your ODM Numbers and Allister Index will be posted to your profile after the Jamboree.

ODM Results - ODM numbers will be posted on this page by tank top number and to your player profile about a week after the Jamboree. 

***This is a sample itinerary and can be changed or adjusted. Please double check leading up to the Jamboree.

7:30 AM Pitcher/Catcher Check-in
8:00 AM Position Player Check-in

7:50 AM  Warm-ups & ODM Tests
8:30 AM Warm-ups & ODM Tests

8:45 AM Coaches Check-in

9:00 AM Hitting Evaluation & ODM Tests

11:00 AM Pitchers & Catchers Workout

Noon Lunch Break

12:30 PM Defensive Workout

2:00 PM Jamboree Ends

Event Roster

First Name Last Name Grad Year
Ryley Davis 2022 View Profile
Meghan Schouten View Profile
Kate Vance 2024 View Profile
Makenzi "Roo" Padilla 2024 View Profile
Azalea Mendez 2023 View Profile
Tawnie Mozeris 2024 View Profile
Jordyn Dimond View Profile
Kennedie Magorian 2021 View Profile
Avery Sapp View Profile
Cailynn Parsons 2023 View Profile
Annikka Campeau 2022 View Profile
Shelby Johnson View Profile
Mya Norton 2023 View Profile
Hallie Young 2023 View Profile
Harper Schoeneweis View Profile
Jenna Pachico 2022 View Profile
Kya Pratt 2022 View Profile
Katie Marsh View Profile
Anise Romo 2022 View Profile
Shannon Cunningham 2022 View Profile
Madison Padilla 2022 View Profile
Megan Sutton View Profile
Mariyah Delgado 2023 View Profile
Khloie Kramer View Profile
Sara Pina 2024 View Profile
Olivia Madkins 2023 View Profile
Mya Flindt 2024 View Profile
Jyden Miles View Profile
Mimi Thornton 2022 View Profile
Victoria Trujillo 2021 View Profile
Marisa Rubio 2021 View Profile
Bridgette Trujillo 2021 View Profile
Emily Quintero 2023 View Profile
Ashlee Annett 2022 View Profile
Samantha Quintero 2022 View Profile
R. Shelby Pfeiler 2021 View Profile
Taci Haase 2022 View Profile
Alexis Dellamonica 2023 View Profile
shaylee zaitz View Profile
Camryn Davis 2023 View Profile
Cassidy Morrow 2021 View Profile
Sarah Wallschlaeger 2022 View Profile
Krista Martinez 2023 View Profile
Tiana Johnson View Profile
Savannah Groshong 2023 View Profile
Janessa "Jenny" Escobar 2022 View Profile
Brynn Smythe 2022 View Profile
Raelynn Rogers 2021 View Profile
Kiaira Smith 2023 View Profile
Jaeya Butler 2023 View Profile

Coaches Event Registration

If you’re a coach planning to attend the Arizona Jamboree, please register so we know you’ll be there.

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