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In fastpitch softball, OnDeck Measurements (ODM) is the recognized authority in objective measurables - comprehensive raw softball athletic data. Individual objective scores and the corresponding Allister Index (AI), have become the most important objective statistical measurements in player assessment, self-evaluation, and player development.

ODM Testing

The Allister Index

This is a measurable snapshot of a player's softball athleticism. The number is generated from the individual's scores and put into a proprietary algorithm, giving players clear, tangible and achievable goals.

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August 10, 2024
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ODM Tests

10-20-40 Yard Dash

Uses a laser timing device to ensure the most accurate time, the 10-20-40 yard dash measures explosiveness and acceleration. It also gives the player their home to first time.

Agility Shuttle

Uses a laser timing device to ensure the most accurate time, the agility shuttle is a 5-10-5 yard test measuring the player's quickness, ability to change direction and body control.

Swing Analysis

A player's swing analysis consists of bat speed, hand speed, time to impact and ball exit speed.

Overhand Throwing Velocity

Measures the player's arm strength.


Testing the player's hand and forearm strength, using medical dynamometers.

Why Player's Need ODM Numbers

  • A player can use these numbers give her a clearer idea of what she needs to do to reach her goals and which college program might be a good fit.  
  • A parent can have an objective understanding of their daughter’s raw abilities, giving them a better idea of what needs attention and development.  
  • A coach can use these averages give them an idea of their teams overall athleticism and where a recruit fits.

ODM Averages

Over 35,000 athletes have been tested, from 7th graders just starting to play serious travel ball, to college players from all levels, and some USSSA Pride players. Now players can set a measurable benchmark and compare their numbers as they grow and become more athletic and also compare them to players at the collegiate level.

ODM Prep Averages


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