The News We’ve Been Waiting To Hear!

We are really excited that the NCAA Council decided today to lift the dead period on May 31st and allow each sport to resume their recruiting calendars on June 1st.

What that means for softball is on June 10th, the day after the WCWS is finished, recruiting will open up just as in years past, and coaches will be allowed to hit the road and look for players.

We have been working diligently to prepare for this moment. Our first two Jamborees will be right on schedule for Huntington Beach Thursday, June 10th and Rosetta Canyon June 11th. These two events are two of the most important days of the year when it comes to recruiting. Back in June of 2019, we witnessed the two greatest recruiting days in the history of the sport. Over 300 coaches attended our two events in an insane blur of 36 hours. It was incredible.

We are hearing that some schools still will not start recruiting until July 1st for budget reasons. The new fiscal year begins on July 1st, and some schools might opt to hold back a month and save money. Also, the NCAA makes it clear that state and local guidelines will still have to be followed. That is important to keep in mind. We are certainly not out of the CoVid era quite yet.

However, with the news today, we are excited for what lies ahead. Let’s still do our part by wearing our masks and practicing social distancing. Let’s make sure we don’t help create a situation where the powers-that-be feel the need to curtail recruiting again. Let’s all be responsible and smart in the months ahead.

But let us also celebrate the end to a very long year. Let’s remember those in our softball family who have passed away. Let’s remember to rejoice in our resilience and dedication to one another. 

And let’s get ready for the OnDeck June Jamborees that are going to be like no other. It will be a celebration that we have all been anticipating for 16 long months. We can’t wait to see you all soon!


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