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As coaches from across the country descend on Colorado for a week of recruiting , this is a great way to get noticed by a vast number of coaches. The Colorado Jamboree will feature players from across the country in the 2018-2024 graduation classes. The day will consist of a structured workout that allows college coaches to evaluate all aspects of the player's softball skills and athleticism.

The Colorado Jamboree is two days, due to the large number of players attending tournaments in the Denver area. Players attended one day and will be invited to a specific day. There is no difference between the Sunday or Monday sessions. 

If you are interested in attending the Colorado Jamboree and have not participated in an OnDeck Jamboree and/or Tryout, we need to see you play. You can attend a Tryout in your area (VIEW TRYOUT SCHEDULE), email with a tournament/game schedule and/or a skills video.

If you attended the Colorado Jamboree last year, you are being considered for the 2018 Colorado Jamboree. If you were selected from a Tryout and couldn't attend or attended another Jamboree last year and would like to attend the 2018 Colorado Jamboree, email

Player Check-in – Pitcher & Catcher 7:30am
                                   Position Player 8:00am
Where - Aurora Sports Park Complex B
What to Wear & Bring – Practice gear and cleats. Players will receive a numbered tank top (color will correspond to Grad Year). Bring your glove, bat and necessary equipment.
Water & Snacks – Please bring water, snacks and lunch, it will not be provided. Be ready to stay hydrated and energized!
Payment - The full payment is due with registration. Please review our REFUND POLICY.
TAP Assessment - Jamboree participants can take the TAP Assessment and get the coaches report. Players will be emailed the link to take the TAP Assessment prior to the Jamboree. Learn more

OnDeck Profile - All registered players will have a basic OnDeck Softball Profile or paid premium profile. This enables us to post a roster for the coaches and for the coaches to view your information. Your Allister Index will be posted to your profile prior to and after the Jamboree.

ODM Results - Scores will also be available on this page by tank top number. Scores are posted 1 week after the Jamboree.

7:30 AM Groups 1 & 2 Check-in
8:00 AM Groups 3 & 4 Check-in

***Groups will be posted Friday, June 23rd***

7:50 AM  Groups 1 & 2 Warm-ups & ODM Tests
8:30 AM Groups 3 & 4 Warm-ups & ODM Tests

8:45 AM Coaches Check-in

9:00 AM Hitting Evaluation & ODM Tests

11:00 AM Pitchers & Catchers Workout

NOON Lunch Break

12:30 PM Defensive Workout

2:00 PM Live Pitching & Hitting workout

3:30 PM Jamboree Ends


***This is a sample itinerary and can be changed or adjusted if needed

Event Roster

First Name Last Name Grad Year
Anna Streff View Profile
Margare Tobias View Profile
Zoe Karam View Profile
Katherine Baeumler View Profile
Braylin Pannill View Profile
Kaylie Clark View Profile
Jackie Cal View Profile
Ashlee Gonzalez 2021 View Profile
Ariel Kowalewski View Profile
Ashlynn Pauwels View Profile
Kenzie Jones View Profile
Raeghan Carlson 2023 View Profile
Rylan Ewoldt View Profile
Ariana Martinez 2021 View Profile
Isabella Manory 2022 View Profile
Dynasty Harpel View Profile
Sydney Nuismer View Profile
Briana Martinez 2020 View Profile
zoie Smith View Profile
Annika Litterio View Profile
Brooke Leger 2019 View Profile
Delaney Robeson 2021 View Profile
Kelsey Bunch View Profile
Capri Franzen 2020 View Profile
Bailie Kroll 2022 View Profile
Amaya Mendeguia View Profile
Madison "Pickle" Winkler View Profile
Kaysen Korth View Profile
Jolie Mayfield 2023 View Profile
Malia Babasa View Profile
Paige Meyer 2020 View Profile
Emma Rote 2021 View Profile
Ashley Waite 2021 View Profile
Catie Prado View Profile
Alexis Lacy 2021 View Profile
Morgan Jensen 2020 View Profile
Jessica Cross 2019 View Profile
Erika Flynn 2021 View Profile
Emma Curry 2021 View Profile
Dylan Lewis 2022 View Profile
Arwin Callaway 2022 View Profile
Paige Sterling 2022 View Profile
Miranda Lista 2021 View Profile
Samantha Sutton 2021 View Profile
Mckenley Clark 2021 View Profile
Loran Walker 2021 View Profile
Reis Beuerlein 2022 View Profile
Isabella Garcia 2022 View Profile
Molly Gates 2020 View Profile
Kaelani Gamble 2019 View Profile
Remington Ross 2020 View Profile
Elliana "Ellie" Zellien 2020 View Profile
Savannah Evans 2020 View Profile
Laurel Moody 2021 View Profile
McKenna "Bub" Feringa 2021 View Profile
Kelsey Gaspard 2021 View Profile
Rachel Sherwood 2021 View Profile
Ellen Ebbers 2019 View Profile
Madelyn Myers 2020 View Profile
Sydney Bickel 2020 View Profile
Tanya Windle 2022 View Profile
Kaitlyn Laudick 2020 View Profile
Teagan Dobson 2020 View Profile
Olivia Valbak 2020 View Profile
Makenzie Droddy 2021 View Profile
Rylee Cloud 2022 View Profile
Rylee Cloud 2022 View Profile
Mattisyn Brown 2020 View Profile
Gracyn Coleman 2022 View Profile
Ashley Grimanelis 2019 View Profile
Stormee Reed 2022 View Profile
Lexi Holihan 2021 View Profile

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