For the last eight years, the Hemet Jamboree continued its reign as the most significant recruiting event in the country. The 2018 version maintained the trend of attracting hundreds of college coaches from every part of the country.  The weather was as hot as the talent on the fields and the players held up well under the pressure. Many of these players will surely become great players at the next level. Several college coaches commented that they felt it was the single best collection of talent that they had seen over the last 4-5 years. That is indeed high praise for these young ladies.

The pool of pitching talent was incredibly deep. Rarely these days do we see the pitching velocities we saw and the 22 pitchers in attendance have a chance to be really, really good if they keep working. 2019 Libby Parkinson is one of the best uncommitted pitchers on the west coast, and we can’t imagine her not committing soon. 2020 Savannah Serrata was throwing gas; easily hitting 65 MPH and had good command of several pitches. 2021 Meghan Golden was equally as superb hitting 62 MPH easily with a heavy drop and solid spin on most of her pitches. 2022 Jaden Moore also topped 60 MPH with excellent command and location. And finally 2023 Jenissa Conway was electrifying hitting 62 MPH with natural up spin and high level athleticism. As a group 12 of the 22 pitchers were pitching consistently at 60+ MPH, and all had good command of their pitching repertoire. It is a talented group for sure.

Equally as impressive was the offensive and defensive prowess on display. While there were many, many high level players out there, we would like to mention several of note. 2018 hitters Kennedy Labshere and Elicia Espinosa were excellent. Sometimes players fall thru the cracks, and this is certainly the case here. Kennedy is very solid in all phases of the game, and Elicia just mashes the ball. Both will hit in the middle of their college line-up and we see them signing in the weeks ahead. 2020s Makaiya Gomez, Paige Donnelly, and Malia Benson were superb hitters. Makaiya is a classic three hole hitter, and Paige is a bomber who can hit it deep. Malia will fill any D-1 #2 hole for sure. The 2021s were great as a group. Joecellia Roberts, Olivia Silvestre, Jayla Castro, Emma Niece, Emma Almodoba, BriAnna Brooks, Kedre Luschar, Angela Ramos, Breanna Hayward, and Leah Richardson all were excellent. And please believe me when I tell you that there were a number of others who are right on the cusp of greatness as well.

With the younger players, 2022s Ailana Agbayani, Kayla Lyon, Gia Felice, Emily Jones, Hailey Mulligan, and Alannah Rogers showed great potential. If they keep working they will all be excellent prospects in the years ahead. In addition to these, 2023 Addison Mettler showed why she will be one of the top recruits in the nation. She can do it all; swing it, run, throw and defend. 

As you can see we had a great day in Hemet. Thank you to all who have made this event so great over the years. Especially, Dave King and everyone at Triple Crown that continue to support us and help us with this Jamboree.

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