OnDeck Softball Camps

OnDeck Softball Camps and Jamborees

OnDeck Softball Camps and Jamborees are the most important events on the calendars of most Division 1 colleges and universities across the country.  Every major Division 1 softball program attends several OnDeck Softball events each year, and many Pac-12, SEC, Big 10 and Big 12 programs come to most of these elite recruiting events.  OnDeck Camps and Jamborees are invitation-only, and all participants must be evaluated by Joann and Derek Allister in order to be invited.  If you are interested in attending one of these events you need to do one or more of the following:

  • Contact the Allisters immediately indicating your interest.
  • Join OnDeck Softball and post your information and a video.  The video is key and can help the Allisters decide to make sure they come out and see you as soon as they can.
  • Check the Allisters’ Event Schedule and inform them of your game schedule if you are going to be playing at an event they are attending.
  • Try to secure an ODM (OnDeck Measurement) Rating that measures your athletic ability and your bat and overhand throw velocities.
  • Attend a try-out in your area.

We hope our paths will cross in the very near future.  We are constantly looking for the finest young softball players across the country, but we need your help.  Help us . . .  help you!  Get the process started immediately.

The Tiered Nature of OnDeck Softball Events

The OnDeck Tryouts, Jamborees, and Camps have become a series of tiered events that begin with the identification of players and end with a group of select players being invited to either of the two National Elite Futures Camps - the West Coast National Camp held at Mt. SAC in Walnut, CA; and the East Coast National Camp held at Georgia Gwinnett College outside Atlanta.  The OnDeck Softball Camp and Jamboree Tryouts are in their 2nd year of existence and have been very instrumental in the Allisters identifying players for their Elite Recruiting Events - Jamborees and Camps.  Due to the overwhelming demand for invitations to OnDeck Softball Camps and Jamborees, Derek & Joann Allister  instituted these tryouts in 2013 for any players who are interested in participating in one of the up-coming events.  Tryouts are open to any and all, and it is important to know that College Coaches do not attend Tryouts.  Tryouts are just that - tryouts to get into OnDeck Softball Elite Recruiting Events.  Successful participation in an OnDeck Tryout results in an invitation to a Jamboree.  Subsequently, proving oneself at a Jamboree can result in an invitation to a National Camp.  Division 1 College Coaches attend all Jamborees and National Camps in great numbers.  At the Hemet Jamboree in June, 140+ Division 1 coaches attend to watch 115 players.  90+ Division 1 Coaches attend the Mt. SAC National Camp each year to watch 75 players.  At the first annual Midwest Jamboree in Chicago, nearly 70 Division 1 coaches came to watch 75 players.  As other Regional Jamborees become more established, OnDeck Softball expects similar numbers to attend these other Regional events.

Tryouts have been held across the country at this point, and successful participation in these Tryouts has led to invitations to both Regional Jamborees and the National Camps.  Tryouts are held each year in Northern and Southern California, Texas, Minnesota, Arizona, and Central California.  New this year will be Jamborees in Denver, Seattle, and Portland.  Last year, over 50% of the participants in the Colorado National Jamboree attended a Tryout. At last year's  June Jamboree, 40% of the participants had attended a Spring Tryout.  While we also identify players through our evaluations at tournaments, the OnDeck Tryout System has proven to be incredibly successful over the last year.  These tiered events allow us to fullfill our intent to identify the best players we possibly can and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.

Be on the lookout for Tryouts and Jamborees in your Region.  This year, the lineup of events includes the 2014 Banditfest, the June Jamboree, the Colorado National Jamboree, the Chicago Jamboree, the NorCal Jamboree, the Dallas Jamboree, the West Coast National Camp at Mt. SAC, the East Coast National Camp in Atlanta, and the Phoenix Jamboree.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Allisters at info@ondecksoftball.net.

El Paso, TX Tryout

BRAND NEW - The venue for the El Paso Tryout has been changed.  Josh Johnson, who is coordinating this event, informed us that we will be at Eastlake High School off Emerald Pass Avenue.  We still have about 5 spots left for this event.

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2014 Dallas Tryout

March 24, 2014: TRYOUT RESCHEDULED - The new Tryout Date for the 2014 Dallas Tryout will be May 10th and 11th.

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2014 Houston Tryout

March 24, 2014:  Houston Tryout Rescheduled - The Rescheduled Tryout will be held on May 10th and 11th.

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2014 Minnesota Tryout

This is the REGISTRATION & INFORMATION PAGE for the May 3rd and 4th Minnesota Tryout. You can secure a spot by clicking on the registration link. Please read all the information on this page.  It should answer all your questions.  Only 45 players will be allowed in each Session.

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