2020 Summer Jamboree Update

We wanted to give you an update on where we stand for 2020 summer Jamborees. 

While we are hopeful our summer Jamborees will go on as scheduled, we are making some adjustments on our end. During this time we will not be issuing invitations. We don't want to put any extra stress or financial burden on families. If you have an invitation, we can extend the deadline to May 4th. As we gain clarity for what June holds, we will start issuing invitations. If we are holding tryouts we will be issuing invitations, but as of now both are on hold.

Derek is in contact with tournament directors and we will reach out with more information as needed. We are also working on contingency plans if any Jamborees need to be rescheduled. As decisions are made, we will post and email updates. Please understand, we are working on may different options, none of which we will share unless we need to do so. This will limit potential confusion with dates, locations, etc and will allow us to make any adjustments needed. Also this is not only our decision, if cities will not allow us and tournaments to hold our events, we can't hold them.

In the meantime, we will keep watching your videos and interacting on social media. You can follow us, tag us or message us on our social media to stay in contact or reach out via email (info@ondecksoftball.net) if you have any questions. 


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