How Social Media Can Effect Your Recruiting

Can what you post, tweet, like, snap or comment on cause schools to lose interest? We all know that how you play on the field and what you do in the classroom effects your recruiting, but what about the image you portray on social media.

Most of you have seen the USA Today article about the SMU football program monitoring recruits social media accounts (article here). Naturally, it caught my eye, but even more importantly it rang a bell. At a previous Jamboree, a player was having a terrific day and caught the eye of a number of coaches in attendance. While I was standing next to a group of coaches, we watched this young lady make another remarkable play.  I made mention of that, and two coaches turned to me and said, “we really liked her too...until we googled her.”  Evidently, she had tweeted some things that these coaches didn’t feel was really appropriate on the way to the event!!  And as a result, the interest in recruiting her to their program was gone.

However, I was still really curious as to the extent of their research efforts, so I asked.  They both told me that every player who catches their eye is subject of a search by the coaching staff of the player’s social media presence.  And this search continues throughout the recruiting process. At the end of the article, the writer states, “Clearly, this kind of sleuthing and verification isn’t going away any time soon, so recruits might as well get used to it now. Get on the bus now, kids. Be careful what you Tweet, post and promote. Your future college coaches may be watching.”

Later I reflected on that moment.  Each one of us...players, coaches, moms, dads, business owners, citizens...have to keep in mind that every time we hit the SEND buttons, what we post, or tweet, or comment on, becomes part of our new age persona. We are all aware of celebrities getting ridicule for misguided tweets, but remember you are trying to become someone that represents a softball program and a school. While you are all trying to be someone coaches want on the field, also be that person off the field.


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