New Jamboree

We are really excited to announce the first annual Oklahoma Jamboree that will be held in conjunction with the Tulsa Elite Summer Invite in Broken Arrow, OK on the 3rd of June.  This event was the idea of Jeff Filali, the head of the Tulsa Elite organization, and one of our good friends in the game.  When Jeff first approached us with the idea of coming out to Oklahoma, we were intrigued.  The OnDeck Group – myself, Joann, Heather, KJ, Kevin, Susan, Bruce, and Kristen – talked about it at length.  We canvassed some of the college coaches and found they were very excited.  And then we looked at the logistics of holding this event so close to the wildly successful June Jamboree in California on June 5th.  Finally, we decided that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and we finalized the plans with Jeff this week.  We think these two events – the Oklahoma Jamboree and the June Jamboree – will be a tremendous launching pad to the summer recruiting season for both players and college coaches.

As with all our Jamborees, this will be an invitation-only event.  Players need to be evaluated by OnDeck Softball before we can issue an invite.  There are really only three ways to be evaluated.  About 98% of the players who attend an OnDeck Event are evaluated either at an OnDeck Softball Tryout or are seen at various tournaments and/or showcases.  Last year, 48% of the players who attended an OnDeck event came from a Tryout.  50% of the players were seen and evaluated while they were with their team.  The only other way to get evaluated is through video, but this is tougher.  Only a few players each year are invited through video.  It is just too hard to really get a sense of the player.  So, we would encourage any player who is interested in any of our events to check out our Tryout Schedule.

Jeff’s showcase has a wonderful line-up of teams attending the weekend competition.  And we will hope to draw players from not only Texas and Oklahoma, but also, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. It should be a great time, a great event, and a great opportunity for both the players and the college coaches to get a great start to the Summer.

If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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