New Website

We hope you are enjoying the new and improved, we sure are! We have moved a few things around and made the site more user friendly. We can't thank Casey Reid his staff at ClearFire enough for all the hard work that went into building this site.

If you have come to the blog looking for Tryout Results, Jamboree Reviews or ODM Numbers those have been moved to the page specific for that event. You can access the past events via the schedule page of either Tryouts or Jamboree. For example if you are looking for the ODM Numbers for the:

  • Kansas City Tryout you would go HOME PAGE > TRYOUTS > SCHEDULE > KANSAS CITY TRYOUT (found HERE
  • June Jamboree you would go HOME PAGE > JAMBOREES & ELITE CAMPS > JUNE JAMBOREE (found HERE

All Tryout registration will also be on the page specific to that Tryout and can be accessed from the TRYOUT PAGE > SCHEDULE and select the Tryout you want to register for. If you have multiple registrations in your cart simply click the "START OVER" button, this applies to all registrations.

To access your OnDeck Softball Player Profile, on the home page you can click the "PLAYER PROFILES" button and it will direct you to the log-in.

If you can't find something, shoot us an email


OnDeck helps high school softball players and college coaches connect. Our events give players ways to showcase their talent, and college coaches a venue to evaluate players across the country.

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