ODM Averages

This is a milestone for not only OnDeck Softball and OnDeck Measurements, but for softball as well.  After almost 6 years of research, OnDeck Measurements (ODM) is releasing player averages.  View ODM averages.

Over 15,000 athletes have been tested, from 7th graders just starting to play serious travel ball  to college players from all levels, and some USSSA Pride players. Now we have averages – both prep and collegiate – player’s can set a measurable benchmark.  Players can compare their numbers as they grow and become more athletic, but can also compare them to players at the collegiate level.

We know what high level speed looks like objectively – not subjectively. We know a shortstop or centerfielder’s shuttle needs to be below 4.999 seconds and her throwing velocity 62MPH or higher to be a player at the next level.  That a collegiate player’s bat speed and exit speed go up, but so does the time to impact.

  • A player can use these numbers give her a clearer idea of what she needs to do to reach her goals and which college program might be a good fit.  
  • A parent can have an objective understanding of their daughter’s raw abilities, giving them a better idea of what needs attention and development.  
  • A coach can use these averages give them an idea of their teams overall athleticism and where a recruit fits. 

Skeptics can fight it all they want, but it won’t change the facts. Without question the ODM Numbers and Allister Index offer very meaningful objective data related to an athlete’s basic softball athleticism. 

As a result, it is imperative that a serious softball player know her ODM numbers.  It is equally as important that every college softball coach know a player’s ODM numbers and their team’s ODM numbers.  A college coach can understand how a new player fits in their program.  

The college coaching community is becoming more adamant about having this information.  A Power 5 head coach, based an offer to a recruit on the strength of her ODM numbers and Allister Index!  Another Power 5 program insists on knowing the ODM numbers of every recruit.  And finally a Top 25 program has a range that all recruits must fall into if they are to be scholarship players. So when it comes to numbers, the future Is now.

We are excited to be at the forefront of this movement. KJ and Kevin with ODM have done a remarkable job getting these numbers and testing softball players at all levels. View ODM averages.


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