OnDeck Softball COVID-19 Update

All of us are grappling with COVID-19 and the ramifications it will have on our lives. At OnDeck Softball part of our responsibility is to take care of ourselves, our families, and our friends; to ensure that our events do not contribute to the spread of the pandemic; and play an active role in supporting health officials. We consider all players and their families part of the OnDeck Softball family, so we have to do what we believe is right to keep all of us safe and healthy. For those reasons we are rescheduling all March Tryouts for future dates.  

We know many of you across the country are registered for a March tryout. We have sent an email detailing the reschedule and what to do if you can't make it. If you didn't receive the email, check your spam and/or email info@ondecksoftball.net 

The Tryouts that are rescheduled include:

The Tryout schdedule has been updated with the dates of the rescheduled tryouts. If April tryouts need to be rescheduled, we will address that when the time comes. Every effort will me made to reschedule all tryouts prior to the summer Jamborees. This may cause a delay in the purchase of evaluations after the tryout, but our main goal is to see the players and get them in a Jamboree.

We want to thank you for the continued support of OnDeck Softball. We have a long history of caring for players, families, coaches, and partners in this sport. You are the ones who make us what we are today. We urge you all to stay safe in the weeks ahead. We anxiously look forward to being out at the park once again and see you all there.


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