Our Thoughts On The Rule Changes

As you know, there were changes made to NCAA D-1 softball recruiting and the contact between players and coaches.

What does this mean for you? It means you keep working and developing as a player and an athlete without the stress of the recruiting process because now recruiting talk will start at the same time for every player in your class. 

What does this mean for OnDeck Softball? We are the best way to be evaluated by college coaches. Coaches will be looking for us to develop their recruiting lists for all classes, so we need to know who you are. We are the trusted source for those coaches and will continue to have Jamborees and Elite Camps with players in various grade levels. Due to the new rules, we will allow committed players in Jamborees & Elite Camps. 

What does this mean for you with OnDeck Softball? Being a part of our Jamborees and Elite Camps will keep you on the radar of the college coaches. Remember just because you can’t talk to a coach doesn’t mean they aren’t tracking you. We will still send them our reports and give them updated information on you.

For the players in the 2020 class, don’t panic and keep working. It’s 4 ½ months until you can resume communication. Continue the emails; keep them posted on how your summer is going. We have a feeling a lot of coaches will be at your games this summer, simply because you are the next class they can call. Your phones could be ringing off the hook on Sept 1st with offers from multiple colleges. You will also be able to start taking official visits.

For 2021’s we realize this can feel like a huge blow to your process, but stay the course. This is a critical year to establish yourself as a college prospect. Continue to email coaches, keep them updated, stay on their radar. Coaches are developing their lists for the 2021 class. We will still be evaluating you, sending coaches your information and putting you out there to be evaluated.

For 2022’s you get to continue to work on your games and figure out what you want in a school and softball program. College coaches still have their watch lists for your class. You might have fewer coaches at your games, but in a year or so they will all be there.

2023’s and younger enjoy the game without the pressure of being recruited. You now have plenty of time to realize your dream.

If you are uncommitted, stay the course. We are looking forward to the exciting new recruiting path – being evaluated, talking to coaches, taking official visits and finding your school.

If you are committed and nervous about what the future holds, you need to stay on the college coach’s radar, continue to work on your game, taking care of your grades, and preparing yourself to be the best student-athlete you can be. However, it is important to understand that with the new process in place, don’t be surprised if other colleges start recruiting you.

We want to help players and parents navigate the recruiting process the best we can. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us (info@ondecksoftball.net). Thank you for being a part of OnDeck Softball and we hope to see you around the fields this summer.


OnDeck helps high school softball players and college coaches connect. Our events give players ways to showcase their talent, and college coaches a venue to evaluate players across the country.

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