PGF Senior All-American Game

Here are some thoughts on the inaugural PGF Senior All-American Game:

  • PGF hit a GRAND SLAM....every detail was taken care of, from venue, to the coaching staff, the broadcast on ESPNU, to the gear the players received and the fan expierence.
  • Dan Hay proved he is one of the BEST event organizers in the game of softball. Dan is truly a person of vision who can throw a party like few, if any others in the sport. 
  • Sportscenter #1 Play of the Day – Ciara Bryan’s over the wall catch in centerfield robbing a homerun.

The game itself turned out to be much more than a game, it was a once in a lifetime experience for the players. It was played at an exceedingly high level for a group of players who just came together and were putting the final touches on a long and arduous week. A top 10 coach commented “the game looked and played like a really good college game. Those kids are good.” 

While 36 players made the rosters, 26 universities were represented by their future stars. Of those 26 programs, 16 finished ranked in the Top 20 last year.  A top 10 head coach made a very telling comment upon being thanked for showing up. He said, “This is great. I believe it’s my duty and obligation to be here to support, not only [my player], but the game itself.” OnDeck Softball was well represented on both rosters, 28 of the 36 players participated in an OnDeck Softball Jamboree and/or Elite Camp.

The estimated attendance topped one thousand and provided a glimpse at the potential for the game in years to come. Younger players in attendance and those watching on ESPNU, now have goals of one day playing in the All-American game themselves. In the seventh inning ESPN made the decision to continue broadcasting if it went extra innings. While it wasn’t necessary, the fact that they made that decision speaks volumes to the viewers watching at home. To watch the replay: CLICK HERE

The coaching staffs were an all-star cast. The west was coached by Jennie Finch, Toni Mascarenas & Crystal Bustos and the east was Jennie Ritter, Garland Cooper & Suzy Brazney. “Both teams were coached by softball royalty” said Brentt Eads in his article on Flo Softball.

Finally, we have to mention the sponsorship of this event. Demarini went above and beyond with their custom uniforms, helmets, bats, bags, helmets and headphones. Rigor made custom cleats, that were slick. They set the bar high for years to come.

Overall the PGF All-American Game was a huge success, that would not have been possible without the expertise of Dan Hay and his staff. We can’t wait for next year and future years. Basketball has their McDonald’s All American Game. Football has their U.S Army and Under Armour All American Games. Baseball has their Perfect Game All American Classic. And now softball has the PGF Senior All-American Game. All I can say is WOW!


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