Your Tryout & ODM Numbers

Many people mistakenly believe that doing well in the measurements will automatically lead to an invitation to a Jamboree or Elite Camp. However, while posting significant numbers will certainly help any athlete catch our eye, the ODM tests are only one piece of the player’s evaluation. A detail we emphasize at every OnDeck Softball event.

The bottom line for any softball player is she has to possess good softball skills and be able to catch the ball, throw, and hit! Those skill sets lie at the heart of any recruiting interest on the part of a college coach. In addition to that, the college coach is increasingly looking at the general athleticism of a player. This is where the ODM comes into play. A high level of athleticism is a predictor of potential and what college coaches call a player’s “upside.” There is a reason Mike Trout is possibly the best player in MLB. He is incredibly athletic. Others might have a comparable skill set, but few combine that skill set with Mike Trout’s pure athleticism. In football, Cam Newton has quickly become a star and has developed the skill and understanding of the game to match his incredible athletic abilities. 

As science and technology continue to catch up to athletic training, athleticism becomes more and more important in every sport. And this holds true in softball as well. The game is becoming more and more athletic, so it is important for every aspiring young player to make sure she takes care of her athletic ability as much as she takes care of her ability to swing the bat.

For information on ODM numbers and you stack up to college athletes check out our blog post Thoughts on ODM and the Allister Index

See you at the ball park ~ Derek


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