This year’s NorCal Jamboree was held at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA. And before we get to the event, I feel compelled to talk about Vicki Galindo, the head coach at West Valley. It is a tremendous facility and a great program. There is no doubt that anyone in Northern California who is unsure about their college plans should seriously consider going to West Valley and playing for Coach Vicky.

The facility at West Valley is flat-out big time. It is beautiful and new. Whoever designed it knew what they were doing. Coach Vicky is an “OnDeck Girl” who appeared in our first reports back when we started OnDeck. At the time we were not doing events, just scouting. But I clearly remember Vicky, a freshman middle infielder at West Valley. After her first year in college, she matriculated to Cal where she had a sparkling career and eventually played for Team USA and the Chicago Bandits. You will find no better person in the game than Vicky Galindo.

As for the Jamboree, we had a great group who played very well in front of the college coaches. First I have to mention our lone 2024, Morgan Kingsbury (OF). Morgan is a player who will hopefully find a spot soon. She is a legit prospect who can run, throw, and hit. She is very good in the OF and has a 64 mph arm she uses to control the bases.

2025 Middle Infielder Kylee Garrett is very good, as is 2025 pitcher Angie Rubalcava. Kylee showed good, consistent mechanics at the plate and was good at SS. Angie displayed very good control in the circle and emerging spins that will help her be a solid Division 1 pitcher if she keeps working.

That leads me to the 2026 group headlined by pitcher Carly Jones, catchers Sam Alekman and Brooklyn Paratore, and middle infielder Shealynn Stinson. Carly is going to be a high velocity pitcher at the next level. At her best, she can bring it in the mid-60s with solid spin both up and down. Brooklyn and Samanta are both coming off a successful world competition in Japan with Team USA. These young ladies are two of the finest prospects in the country. Both have the size and athleticism college coaches look for. Both are solid catchers and can hit it a ton. Shealynn showed very well both offensively and defensively. She is athletic and put up good ODM® numbers across the board. We can’t wait to see her develop her game in the year ahead.

Finally, a trio of pitchers who have the chance to be solid college prospects if they can keep developing their spins and improving their velocity and command. Kennedi Freeland can bring it. She spins it. She locates it. And she competes like crazy. Ava Norquist and Danielle Rivas both flashed solid signs of potential. We can’t wait to see how their games have progressed next summer.

We want to thank everyone who helped us make this a great event. Special thanks to West Valley College and Vicky Galindo for all the help that was given to us. We hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season, and we will look forward to seeing you in the Spring.

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