Following the Colorado tournaments we jump in the van and head go Chicago. The Chicago Jamboree has been a premier event since 2013. It is held in conjunction with two very good friends of ours, Bill Conroy (Bandits) and Gerry Quinn (Illinois Chill). They run a great tournament each year after Colorado, and we have incredible memories and stories about this event held in Glen Ellyn. We’ve had a lot of fun up there, and we are very thankful for Bill and Gerry.

Two of the best 2025 players in the country are pitchers out there in the Midwest – Elena Krause (P/1B) and Hildie Dempsey (P/OF). The unique thing about Elena and Hildie is they are both young legit players at their secondary position. Elena is a very good first base who can really swing the bat. She can bunt, slap, and hit away. But make no mistake about it, Elena is going to be a power hitter at the college level. And she can really pitch. She has excellent velocity that is coupled with natural up-spin and a knee buckling change-up. Hildie, is a lefty pitcher and outfielder who should be recruited at the D1 level as an outfielder and hitter. Pitching, she shows that good lefty break that is blended with solid velocity, a good change, and great control.

2025 SS Teagan McCue was just sensational both offensively and defensively. Teagan is quick, athletic, and skilled. 2025 C Reese Cullen is a high level catcher who only needs time to realize her potential. She has all the tools, but just needs to keep working. 2027 C Erin Ryan needs to be mentioned. Erin is an immense hitting prospect, coupled with a huge arm and a solid catching skill set.

And finally 2026 SS Alexa Iwema and 2027 3B Kendall Fakes had great days, Both players are legitimate offensive prospects with good defensive games. They are going to be highly recruited before it is all said and done.

Thanks to all the parents, players, and college coaches who supported our 11th Chicago Jamboree. We will be excited to see all these Midwest players continue to improve and develop their games.

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