We all had a great time with the group of young players who participated. We will be excited to follow all these players in the years to come and anxious to see many of them in our premier events next Summer.

Along with the play of the participants, two memorable aspects of the weekend stand out. First, this was a return to one of our favorite venues on the West Coast – Stephanie Lynne Craig Park in Henderson. SLC is a three field complex that provides many memories of watching college games associated with UNLV tournaments, and scouting travel ball games. It was good to be back. Secondly, the weekend also debuted the first OnDeck Softball team which participated in the PGF Showcase. That team was made up of players from the Jamboree who were not playing in the tournament. The team had a blast. It was coached by Heather and Louie, who had just as much fun coaching as the players had playing. The OnDeck team won their first and then dropped four close games. Regardless of the results, it was a great experience and the players finished off a great weekend with some serious competition.

As for the Jamboree itself, we had several outstanding performances. Some of the best hitters in the camp were 2022s Ryley Davis and Ella Hoyle; 2023s Nellian McEnroe-Marinas, Madeline Ugalde, Annabelle Navarrete, Kylee Sandino, and Audree Mendoza; 2024s Harmony Rita Andrade and Sadie Groshong; and 2025s – Gracie Ream, Hunter Culley, and Savannah Palmatier. All these hitters have a solid foundation with good, repeatable fundamentals. With more work in the next few years, they are going to be really good.

Defensively, some players showed a strong skill set at their particular position. 2022s SS Azalya Lopez, and 3B Harper Schoeneweis were outstanding. 2023s Audree Mendoza (SS), Hallie Young (3B), Nellian McEnroe-Marinas (SS), and Adriana Gomez (3B) all had good fundamentals, with good hands and range. As young players in the 2024 class, shortstops Michelle Cervantes, Makenzi Padilla, Jade Rodriguez, 3B Chloe Ream, and 2B Alexis Jimenez all showed the potential to be very good infielders. 

Two pitchers also stood out. 2022 Azalya Lopez showed decent velocity, good command, and the potential for solid spin on a variety of pitches. And 2025 Gracie Ream has the potential to be a star. Not only did this 7th grader hit 61 mph on the radar gun, but she showed outstanding command, and a variety of pitches with legit spin direction. 

We want to thank all the players and their families who traveled to Las Vegas for a fun day and a good weekend of softball. 

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