The first two years of the Huntington Beach Jamboree were resounding success. For 2021 we look forward to kicking off the summer recruiting with a select group of players in the 2021-2026 classes. This is an invitation only camp and players have to have an OnDeck evaluation from a Tryout or previous Jamboree, or have been seen at a tournament. 

  • If you are interested in attending and have not participated in an OnDeck Jamboree and/or Tryout, we need to see you play. You can attend a Tryout in your area (VIEW TRYOUT SCHEDULE), email with a tournament/game schedule and/or a skills video.

Players are put through a extensive workout to showcase their skills and athleticism. OnDeck Softball doesn't limit a player, we allow them to show every aspect of their game. 

The Huntington Beach Jamboree was added to the calendar to give more players an opportutiny to get a jump start on their summer recruiting. This is a sister event to the Rosetta Cayon Jamboree and players will only participate in one Jamboree. Player selection has begun. For more information email

Player Check-in - Player Check-in 8am
What to Wear & Bring – Practice gear and cleats. Players will receive a numbered tank top (color will correspond to Grad Year). Bring your glove, bat and necessary equipment.
Water & Snacks – Please bring water, snacks and lunch, it will not be provided. Be ready to stay hydrated and energized!
Payment - The full payment ($325/player) is due with registration. Please review our REFUND POLICY.

OnDeck Profile - All registered players will have a basic OnDeck Softball Profile or paid premium profile. This enables us to post a roster for the coaches and for the coaches to view your information. If you are having trouble logging in DO NOT create a duplicate profile, email

ODM Results - Numbers are posted 1 week after the Jamboree to players profiles. Learn more about ODM

8:00 AM Player Check-In

8:30 AM  Warm-ups & ODM Tests

8:45 AM Coaches Check-in

9:00 AM Hitting Evaluation & ODM Tests

11:30 AM Lunch

NOON Pitcher/Catcher Workout

1:00 PM Defensive Workout

2:00 PM Live Pitching & Hitting workout

3:30 PM Jamboree Ends

***This itinerary can be adjusted prior to the Jamboree

Event Roster

First Name Last Name Grad Year Rating
Kai Minor 2025 View Profile
Sienna Mayer 2025 View Profile
Mylia Perez 2024 View Profile
Camryn Bradshaw 2025 View Profile
Kelly Whelihan View Profile
Caylene Nguyen 2024 View Profile
Alexa Brunetti 2024 View Profile
Allison Morikawa View Profile
Camrynn Gordon View Profile
Alexis Toner 2023 View Profile
Kassidy Stiles 2022 View Profile
Nalia Nuanez 2024 View Profile
Addisen Fisher 2024 View Profile
Raegen Everett View Profile
Susanna Pate 2024 View Profile
Rebeca Cabezas 2022 View Profile
Mia Chavez 2024 View Profile
Riley Peschek 2023 View Profile
Liesl Osteen 2023 View Profile
Kaylin Garcia 2023 View Profile
Rylei Trujillo 2023 View Profile
Allie Kirkpatrick 2023 View Profile
Aubrey Martinez 2022 View Profile
Kylee Sandino 2023 View Profile
Kelly Zybura 2022 View Profile
Allison (Gator) Robinson 2023 View Profile
Alex Cutonilli 2023 View Profile
Lily Owens 2022 View Profile
Kanisha Anderson 2023 View Profile
Brooke Blocker 2023 View Profile
Chloe Ream 2025 View Profile
Bryn Henson 2024 View Profile
Shelby Johnson 2022 View Profile
Hallie Young 2023 View Profile
Lyna Vasquez 2022 View Profile
Madison Padilla 2022 View Profile
Peyton Schemmer 2022 View Profile
Emma Gutierrez 2024 View Profile
Kaysen Korth 2022 View Profile
Emma Niece 2021 View Profile
Brienna Weekes 2022 View Profile
Olivia Madkins 2023 View Profile
Kelsey Tadlock 2022 View Profile
Emma Falen 2022 View Profile
Katelyn Bridgeman 2022 View Profile
Marisa Rubio 2021 View Profile
Kyla Parco 2021 View Profile
Taylor Fitch 2022 View Profile
Hope Jenkins 2022 View Profile
Laurel Moody 2021 View Profile
Bethany Spurr 2022 View Profile
Eleni Katsivalis 2022 View Profile
Savannah Groshong 2023 View Profile
Alannah "A1" Rogers 2022 View Profile
Shannon Cunningham 2022 View Profile

Coaches Event Registration

If you’re a coach planning to attend the Huntington Beach Jamboree, please register so we know you’ll be there.

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