The July Jamboree will be remembered for the intense heat that hit Southern California in the weeks before and during the AFCS and PGF Nationals. The 18U and 16U levels were held in SoCal over the course of eight days. It made for a great week of softball!

A nice group of players showed up to go thru the paces and hopefully get their recruiting processes jumpstarted. 2024 Keala Painter (C/MI) was very good throughout the day. She is at her best defensively at SS and catcher. Along with Keala, there were several other outstanding performances. 2026 Devin Drummond (2B/C) was very good defensively at 2B. She showed great hands, an outstanding transition, and excellent footwork. The best defender on the day was 2026 Makenna Pirnat (SS) who was excellent with the glove and has a big arm. Every play looked routine.

The best hitter in the camp was 2026 Avery Bowers (1B/3B). She has a compact swing and shows power potential. She will most definitely be a middle of the line-up hitter at whatever school she chooses a year or two from now. Avery is a solid defender. If she keeps working, she has the entire package that is so coveted by the college coaching community.

Thanks to all the players and families who came from all over, including several good young players from Texas. 2026 Catcher Colbie McCarthy and 2027 OF Georgia Briggs. Both young players have a chance to be solid college prospects if they continue to develop their athleticism and skill sets.

We hope all the young players here remember that this is a long softball journey. It takes enormous dedication and hard work. There will be lots of sweat and tears between now and the time they are ready to really choose a school. We will look forward to being part of that process.

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