Entering its third year, the Midwest Elite Camp is a high level skills camp designed to get players national exposure. Following in the footsteps of the West Coast Elite Camp, the Midwest Elite Camp will feature 80+ highly rated players in the 2020-2023 classes. The last two years of the Midwest Elite Camp have been a huge success and we look forward to seeing all the great players that will continue the tradition of excellence at our Elite Camps.

  • Interested in attending the Midwest Elite Camp?  If you haven't attended a Tryout or Jamboree, we need to see you play. You can attend a Tryout in your area or email us a tournament schedule and a skills video. If you participated in a Jamboree you will be considered for an Elite Camp. Invitations are sent via email starting Aug. 7th and through the end of October. Questions, email us at info@ondecksoftball.net

This is a limited invitation-only event, featuring 80+ of the best Midwest players in the 2020-2023 graduating classes. To be selected for this event a player has to have an OnDeck evaluation from a Tryout or previous Jamboree, been seen at a tournament or provided adequate video. Learn more about OnDeck Tryouts here.

These players have been selected AND emailed invitations to the 2019 MidWest Elite Camp. If you are listed and have not recieved an invitation email info@ondecksoftball.net. Players that are unable to attend have been removed. 

The list will be updated as players are sent invitations. The next round of invitations will be sent Sept. 26th.


  • Jordyn Bahl
  • Ashtyn Barrett
  • Brooklyn Bockhaus
  • Ryan Brown
  • Summer Bullard
  • Amiah Burgess
  • Chayse Caram
  • Emma Christensen
  • Calista Collins
  • Julia Crenshaw
  • Mya Dodge
  • Abigail Duchscherer
  • Brooke Dumont
  • Olivia Duncan
  • Kylie Eads
  • Nyjah Fontenot
  • Kendall Forren
  • Kaia Garnica
  • Chloe Geijer
  • Austin Germain
  • Lexi Gorniak
  • Lauren Granger
  • Alyse Harvey
  • Anna Henderson
  • Emma Henderson
  • Kayden Henry
  • Bella Henzler
  • Taylor Hess
  • Tara Hoehner
  • Reese Hunkins
  • Shelby Jacobson
  • Mia Jarecki
  • Jane Kaniecki
  • Teagan Kavan
  • Brinkley Kita
  • Brooke Klosowicz
  • Bailie Kroll
  • Maddie Lapinski
  • Addison Leschber
  • Aynslee Linduff
  • Kate Linkletter
  • Katie Lott
  • Josey Marron
  • Ashanti McDade
  • Breanne Mitchell
  • Kelsey Nader
  • Atalya Rijo
  • Delaney Robeson
  • Rachel Sherwood 
  • Grace Sparks
  • Tayven Stephenson
  • Anna Streff
  • Brooke Svek
  • Margaret Tobias
  • Chloe Woldruff

Check-in with an OnDeck employee to receive a wristband and tank top.

Tank Top color will correspond to your Graduation Year (make sure this is correct on your registration).
2020 – Red 
2021 – Black 
2022 – Blue
2023 – Grey

Lunch will be provided, but players must provide their own water and snacks.

Payment - Selected players will receive an emailed invitation with registration information. Payment must be made online prior to attending the camp. REFUND POLICY

OnDeck Profile - All registered players will have a basic OnDeck Softball Profile or paid premium profile. This enables us to post a roster for the coaches and for the coaches to view your information. ODM Numbers and star ratings are posted to your profile.

ODM Numbers - You will be able to view your ODM Numbers after the camp on your profile.

8:00 AM Group 1 Check-in
8:30 AM Group 2 Check-in

9:00 AM Group 3 Check-in
***Check-In Groups will be posted Nov. 7th***

8:45 AM Coaches Check-in

9:00 AM Hitting Evaluation & ODM Tests

Defensive Workout

NOON Lunch Break



5:00 PM Elite Camp Ends
(Group 1 will finish early)

***This is a sample itinerary and can be changed or adjusted if needed

Coaches Event Registration

If you’re a coach planning to attend the Midwest Elite Camp, please register so we know you’ll be there.

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