Literally, it was BOMBS AWAY. Returning to Mt. SAC for the first time in several years, and the high level hitters at the Elite Camp took advantage of playing in a real college stadium. We switched up our routine just a bit and only showcased one hitter at a time. In that way, each hitter got her chance to step into the box and take her hacks. 

The hitters took advantage. The vast majority started launching the ball deep into the morning air. For almost two hours, ball after ball was smoked over the scoreboard. Others were blasted over the road that runs behind the right field fence. The coaches reacted positively. Many felt that this was the best collection of hitters they had seen on the recruiting trail in quite some time. And we certainly concur.

The rest of the day was outstanding as well. The pitching, catching, and defense. The ODM® numbers were very good, as well. It turned out to be a great camp for everyone involved. We will be excited to see where all these players land in the years ahead. Our guess is this 2023 National Elite Camp group will become one of the best we have ever had. 

Generally we like to mention players in this wrap-up. But to do this camp justice, we would have to mention all 51 players. It was just a great camp. 

Good luck to the nineteen 2025s that are sure to receive calls come Sept. 1st. It will be an exciting time for you. Trust the process and fall in love with the school. 

To the 2026s and 2027s, we will see you this Fall and Summer 2024! Keep working hard and having fun!

We can’t thank all the players and their families enough. It was awesome to be back at Mt. SAC. It was great to have some of the best players in their respective classes out on the field together. And it was gratifying to see the large number of high level college coaches hanging with us on this day. We can’t wait until next year.

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