Formerly known as the Hemet Jamboree, and was moved to Lake Elsinore in 2019. This is the premier kickoff event to summer recruiting. It is an amazing opportunity to be seen by a vast number of college coaches from across the country, including coaches from the top softball programs.

  • If you are interested in attending and have not participated in an OnDeck Jamboree and/or Tryout, we need to see you play. You can attend a Tryout in your area (VIEW TRYOUT SCHEDULE), email with a tournament/game schedule and/or a skills video.

Players are put through a extensive workout to showcase their skills and athleticism. OnDeck Softball doesn't limit a player, we allow them to show every aspect of their game. 

The Rosetta Canyon Jamboree is a limited invitation-only event, featuring some of the best players in the 2022-2027 graduating classes. To be selected for this event a player has to have an OnDeck evaluation from a Tryout or previous Jamboree, or have been seen at a tournament. Player selection has begun.

History of the Jamboree

The first OnDeck Softball Jamboree was held in Hemet, CA June 11, 2010 in conjunction with the Zoom Into June Showcase.  It featured 108 of the best players in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Idaho and Nevada.  83 Division 1 college coaches attended this unique event that featured the players working out and playing for a day. In 2018, June Jamboree featured 104 players from various parts of the country with 165+ college coaches in attendance. The move to Rosetta Canyon in 2019 made travel easier on players, parents and coaches and provided a better, more intimate venue. 

Player Check-in - Pitcher/Catcher Check-in 2:30pm (includes secondary positon)
                               Position Player Check-in 3pm
What to Wear & Bring – Practice gear and cleats. Players will receive a numbered tank top (color will correspond to Grad Year). Bring your glove, bat and necessary equipment.
Water & Snacks – Please bring water, snacks and lunch, it will not be provided. Be ready to stay hydrated and energized!
Payment - The full payment ($325/player) is due with registration. Please review our REFUND POLICY.

OnDeck Profile - All registered players will have a basic OnDeck Softball Profile or paid premium profile. This enables us to post a roster for the coaches and for the coaches to view your information. If you are having trouble logging in DO NOT create a duplicate profile, email

ODM Results - Numbers are posted 1 week after the Jamboree to players profiles. Learn more about ODM

2:30 PM Pitchers/Catchers Check-in
3:00 PM Position Player Check-in

2:50 PM  Groups 1 & 2 Warm-ups & ODM Tests
3:30 PM Groups 3 & 4 Warm-ups & ODM Tests

3:45 PM Coaches Check-in

4:00 PM Hitting Evaluation & ODM Tests

6:00 PM Dinner Break - Coaches/Pitchers/Catchers

6:15 PM Pitchers & Catchers Workout & Position Player Lunch

7:00 PM Defensive Workout

8:00 PM Jamboree Ends

***This is a sample itinerary and can be changed or adjusted if needed

Event Roster

First Name Last Name Grad Year Rating
Katelyn Kilgore View Profile
Ava Briski View Profile
Makayla Mathis View Profile
McKenna Woliczko 2026 View Profile
Madison Campeau 2023 View Profile
Taylor Petty View Profile
Tessa Cowsill View Profile
Jazmin Williams View Profile
Madelyn Armendariz 2026 View Profile
Emma Ford View Profile
Liliya Cartledge 2026 View Profile
Sammi Boggs View Profile
Yasmeen Sanchez 2026 View Profile
Jordyn Johnsen 2026 View Profile
Janelle Figueroa 2026 View Profile
Driana Martinez 2024 View Profile
Kendra Gominsky View Profile
Taylor Mediano View Profile
Alyssa Pearce 2024 View Profile
Briona Ferdman 2024 View Profile
Adyson Owens 2026 View Profile
janessa gutierrez 2027 View Profile
Kelly Whelihan View Profile
Avari Morris View Profile
Avery Motroni 2025 View Profile
Maven Ding 2026 View Profile
Alivia Magallanes 2026 View Profile
Mia Gonzalez 2025 View Profile
Malayna Terrones 2023 View Profile
Kenzie Stolmeier 2025 View Profile
Ashlyn Braun 2026 View Profile
Taylor Johns 2026 View Profile
Sarah Deplitch 2024 View Profile
Michaella Salvatierra 2024 View Profile
Mallory Vancleave 2024 View Profile
Alyson Stofila 2024 View Profile
Aja Herbert 2024 View Profile
Faith Kroening View Profile
Gabriella Rodriguez View Profile
Lauryn Carbajal 2024 View Profile
Arianna Fjeldsted View Profile
Skye Gonzales 2025 View Profile
Star Gonzales 2025 View Profile
Chloe Preuss 2026 View Profile
Hayleigh Oliver 2024 View Profile
Ayla Tuua 2026 View Profile
Makena Dahir 2023 View Profile
Jazmine Prathan 2025 View Profile
Emma Blea View Profile
Gianna Flores 2026 View Profile
Katie Borges 2025 View Profile
Audrey Smale 2025 View Profile
Sophia Burmeister 2025 View Profile
Mya McGowan View Profile
Clarissa Stayrook 2026 View Profile
Yuri Song 2025 View Profile
Kaelani Randle 2023 View Profile
Alyssa Flindt 2025 View Profile
Payton Westra 2026 View Profile
Jazmin Ramirez 2025 View Profile
Amanda Benites 2026 View Profile
Taylor Hampton 2026 View Profile
Katelyn Dunakin 2024 View Profile
Samantha Young 2024 View Profile
Takoda Crabtree 2025 View Profile
Jasmine Reyes 2024 View Profile
Alexis Lopez 2024 View Profile
Rachel Del Busto 2025 View Profile
Leilani Williams 2023 View Profile
Emma Thomas 2023 View Profile
Miracle Mckenzie View Profile
Jenae Berry 2024 View Profile
Audrey Hobbs 2025 View Profile
Mylia Perez 2024 View Profile
Camryn Bradshaw 2025 View Profile
Jordan McMahon 2024 View Profile
Caylene Nguyen 2024 View Profile
Allysen Pitcox 2025 View Profile
Alexis Toner 2023 View Profile
Lily Riley 2024 View Profile
Sophia Grimm 2025 View Profile
Raegen Everett 2024 View Profile
Ally McKinley 2025 View Profile
Callie Christian 2024 View Profile
Analesse Garcia 2025 View Profile
Null Na 2024 View Profile
Lauren Deplitch 2023 View Profile
Anyssa Wild 2024 View Profile
Jamisyn Albin 2024 View Profile
Brielle (Brie) Normandin 2023 View Profile
Kamryn Guthrie 2024 View Profile
Lauren Osheroff 2023 View Profile
Tawnie Mozeris 2024 View Profile
Alyssa “Monster” Doucette 2024 View Profile
Mya Flindt 2024 View Profile
Madison Tarrant 2023 View Profile
Karolyn Glover 2023 View Profile
Jo Marsh 2026 View Profile
Madison Sauni 2025 View Profile
Ava Schaffel 2024 View Profile
Tyler Suttles 2023 View Profile

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