This is an ODM® Testing for players within the I-5 Softball orgainzation. Players who test will receive ODM® numbers,  ODM® Testing Scorecard and numbers listed on ODM® National Leaderboard. 

What to Wear – Practice gear and cleats.
What to Bring – Be sure to bring your glove, bat and water.
Payment - The full payment of $50 is due with registration and players must have a free basic or paid premium OnDeck Profile to regsiter. Please review our REFUND POLICY.
ODM® Results - Numbers will be posted to your profile 1 week after the Testing. An email with your scorecard will be sent following the numbers being posted. 
National Leaderboard – Players numbers will appear on the National Leaderboard by class for 30 days. After your complimentary month, a $20 annual fee is required for numbers to appear on the leaderboard.

Players will participate in the following tests. 

  • 10-20-40 Yard Dash
  • Agility Shuttle
  • Bat Speed
  • Time to Impact
  • Hand Speed
  • Exit Speed
  • Overhand Throwing Velocity
  • Grip

**All tests must be completed to receive an Allister Index. Tests cannot be supplemented with previous testing numbers.

If you are a player that is interesting in attending, please click the button below.

Player Registration

Players ODM® numbers will be posted on their profile by August 16th, 2020. If players don't register via the website, they will need to create a free basic profile and email  


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