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Have you attended an Tryout, Jamboree or Elite Camp and want to know what to do next?

  • Attended a Tryout and were not selected for a Jamboree or Elite Camp. 

If you attended a Tryout and were not selected for a Jamboree or Elite Camp, then the only way you can get invited to a Jamboree or Elite Camp is to tryout again, or for us see you play in a Showcase (email us your schedule, but there are no guarantees).  We won't move a player we deemed “not ready” into an event until we see that she is ready.  And to do that we need to see that player again.

  • Attended a Tryout and were selected for a Jamboree or Elite Camp. 

If you participated in a Jamboree or Elite Camp, you will remain in the pool of players we look at for that event the following year and you don't need to attend another Tryout. However, if you played poorly in the Jamboree or Elite Camp, then the chance of your getting invited back is less likely.  So, you might have to Tryout again in order to prove yourself. 

  • Will I automatically be invited back to a Jamboree or Elite Camp if I attended last year?  

No, but you will be considered for the same event the following year. If you are selected to attend you will receive an invitation in the first batch that goes out. Most of you have heard us say that we never promise anything until we have put you on a line and sent you the invitation.

  • Attended a Jamboree and want to attend a different Jamboree? Or attended a summer Jamboree and want to attend a fall Jamboree?

If you would like to attend a different Jamboree, email us indicating you are interested in a specific Jamboree and you will be considered. 

  • What to do inbetween Jamborees?

Stay in contact with us, email us updates and game schedules and keep your profile current. 


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