Star Rating FAQs

What is the star rating based on?

  • The star rating is based on the player's evaluation, overall skill set, potential and ODM numbers. 

Are the ODM Numbers and the Allister Index part of the star rating?

  • Yes, they are part of the rating. is ONLY PART of the rating. 

What if I am only a pitcher and don't hit or play defense?

  • You will be rated based on your skill level and potential, just like other players. But your ODM numbers will be looked at a little differently. You will not be penalized because you don't hit or play defense.

Who gets the star rating? 

What does each star rating mean?

What is a mid-major program?

  • A mid-major is considered a D-1 progam in the 50-150 RPI range

Does this mean I should only contact schools within my rating?

  • Heck no! Major college football and basketball teams are made up of players with varying star ratings and softball is too! 

Are we saying you won't attend a certian school?

  • NOT. AT. ALL. Softball programs of all levels need different types of players. AND players change, grow, mature and get better. 

Can my star rating change?

  • Yes! It can go up or down on a yearly basis depending on the player's evaluation.

Do I have to have a premium profile for my star rating?

  • No, any player in a Jamboree or Elite Camp will get a rating.

Why don't Tryout or OTE players get a rating?

  • At this point, it is not something that is offered. Will it be? Maybe, but not for now.

I particiapted in a Jamboree or Elite Camp in 2018 or before, will I get a star rating?

  • No, star ratings will start with the 2019 Jamborees/Elite Camps and go forward.

How long do I keep my rating?

  • Players star ratings will stay on their profile for 2 years and if the player hasn't attended an event in 2 years the rating will be removed.

Why are 8th graders and younger not getting ratings?

  • Players need time to develop and mature and we feel as a freshman that is a good time to start the rating.

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