The Fresno Tryout was a good tryout and we want to thank Jeff Harger and the Dirt Dog Organization for all their help.   The Hanford West High School is a beautiful facility, and we hope to be back again in the future. 

As for the Tryout itself, we had some outstanding performances, and a larger percentage of players caught our eye than is usual.  Of special note, we would like to mention 2017 Pitcher Linnay Wilson from Coalinga, CA. Linnay has literally exploded on the recruiting scene, and we will be anxious to see what happens to her in the next few months.  Also 2017 UT Dani Humphrey was very impressive displaying an array of skills that will make her very attractive to college recruiters.  It is very noteworthy that two of the best prospects we have seen lately are 2017s.  And it is even more noteworthy that colleges from all over the West Coast are clamoring for more information about them.  One of the myths of the recruiting process is that if you are a 2017, or even a 2016, that it is “too late.”  Nothing could be further from the truth, and if people only knew how “hot” some 2016 recruits are with the college coaching community right now...well perhaps the kids and their families would slow down and enjoy the process of finding the perfect school.

Here is the list of players we will be inviting to events in the next calendar year.  We never promise an invitation to any specific event, so please be patient as we try to find the event that fits you.  If you are invited to the NorCal Jamboree and can't make it, you will be invited to another Jamboree in the year to come. 

For everyone, we would like to wish you the best, and we hope to see you soon.  

Brittany Espinosa
Dani Humphrey
Jordyn Macias
Tori Mueller
Valerie Ornelas
Christine Warren
Linnay Wilson

While we always try to caution players and parents about reading too much into these numbers, it would be wrong to minimize them as well.  These measurements, which we first introduced to the softball world 4 years ago, are becoming increasingly important to the college coaching community.  There is no question in our minds that two years from now, the Allister Index will be a standardized measurement that every serious softball player in the country possesses and works to improve upon 3-4 times a year.  It is becoming a major part of our Report that goes out across the country.

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