We were so excited to get two good days of softball weather while in Dallas and have a great Tryout. 

And a special thank you goes out to Jason Gwyn and Little Elm HS for a great place to hold the tryout. Jason and his sister, Christina provided all the manpower - fungo, front toss, and live pitching. They did a wonderful job making sure we were able to see what the players could do on a softball field.  The outfielders got an especially good workout on the deep Little Elm outfield.

As with all our Tryouts, we want to remind both parents and players that the recruiting process is a journey that unfolds differently for every player. Be patient and let the process work and a good decision will ultimately be made. 

Listed below are the selected players, they will be invited to the Colorado Jamboree and invitations will be sent late April. If there is another Jamboree you are interested in attending, please email us. All invitations are sent via email to the address provided in registration, unless otherwise requested. Please add info@ondecksoftball.net to your contacts to ensure you get the invitation.

*If you weren't selected, don't be discouraged, we would like to see how you progress and improve. Please email your travel ball schedule to info@ondecksoftball.net

  • Jordan Alejandro
  • Madison Blount
  • Tatum Boyd
  • Grace Cantu
  • McKenzie Clemens
  • Brittany Coe
  • Caleigh Cross
  • Amanda DeSario
  • Rhyan Durbin
  • Chyanne Ellett
  • Isabelle Fielder
  • Kylie Fletcher
  • Kailey Gamble
  • Erykah Guerrero
  • Riley Kovach
  • Alexis Massie
  • Elana Ornelas
  • Aaliyah Ortiz
  • Ariel Thompson
  • Faith Waugh
  • Savana Williamon

Please remember that the ODM numbers, while growing increasingly important, are only a snapshot of a player’s evaluation and potential. They are also just a portion of the Tryout selection process, for more information read Your Tryout & ODM Numbers. Use these numbers as a tool and work at developing your athleticism, but constantly work on improving and refining your softball skill set – both offensively and defensively.

Session #1 

Session #2

Session #3


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