Our final Tryout prior to June Jamboree and it was a perfect two days for softball. We found a good number of players who we think are ready to move onto a bigger stage. Many thanks goes out to Danny Moore from Victory for all his help and use of the softball field.

Two pitchers were particularly impressive at the event – Zoe Ballen (2019) and Kaylie Radwich (2020). Both are strong and athletic with excellent velocity and command.  2020 MI/OF Shelbi Ortiz was also very good. She attended a Tryout a year ago and wasn't quite ready, however, she is a year older and is ready to go. Also, 2020 Catcher Madison Estorga showed remarkable catching talent and has a chance to be a shut-down receiver who totally controls the bases. And finally Kylie Chung, a gifted 2021 athlete, was very good and we see nothing but tremendous potential.

If you are looking for information about the TAP Assessment or want to take it CLICK HERE

As with all our Tryouts, we want to remind both parents and players that the recruiting process is a journey that unfolds differently for every player. Be patient and let the process work and a good decision will ultimately be made. If you weren't selected, don't be discouraged, we would like to see how you progress and improve. Please email your travel ball schedule to info@ondecksoftball.net

Listed below are the players guaranteed invitations and the Jamborees they will be invited too. The June Jamboree and Colorado Jamboree invitations have already been sent and the NorCal and Arizona Jamboree invitations will go out by July 21st. All invitations are sent via email to the address provided in registration, unless otherwise requested. Please add info@ondecksoftball.net to your contacts to ensure you get the invitation.

June Jamboree

  • Zoe Ballen
  • Kylie Chung
  • Madisyn Estorga
  • Shelbi Ortiz
  • Kaylie Radwich

Colorado Jamboree

  • Cassie Camou
  • Amber Countryman
  • Angelina Dumlao
  • Aariyana Eagen
  • Hannah McCourt
  • Nicole Norman
  • Farley Park
  • Emily Ruhl
  • Clarissa Salazar
  • Briana Ticker
  • Ashley Wernli
  • Rachel Williams
  • Elliana Zellien

NorCal/Arizona Jamboree

  • Lily Gallardo
  • Makenzie Hutchinson
  • Malia Luna
  • Alyssa Rodriguez
  • Julia Vargas
  • Devin Waddell

Please remember that the ODM numbers, while growing increasingly important, are only a snapshot of a player’s evaluation and potential. They are also just a portion of the Tryout selection process, for more information read Your Tryout & ODM Numbers. Use these numbers as a tool and work at developing your athleticism, but constantly work on improving and refining your softball skill set – both offensively and defensively.

Email us at info@ondecksoftball.net if you have any questions about the Tryout or ODM Numbers.

CLICK HERE to view Saturday ODM

CLICK HERE to view Sunday ODM

Click on your number below to view your Tryout evaluation. If you have any questions, email us at info@ondecksoftball.net

Blue #10      Blue #27          Grey #1       Grey #33       

Blue #11      Blue #28          Grey #2       Grey #34      

Blue #12      Blue #29          Grey #3       Grey #35    

Blue #13      Blue #30          Grey #4       Grey #36        

Blue #15      Blue #31          Grey #5       Grey #37        

Blue #16      Blue #32          Grey #6       Grey #38       

Blue #17      Blue #33          Grey #7       Grey #39        

Blue #18      Blue #34          Grey #8       Grey #52        

Blue #19      Blue #35          Grey #9       Grey #54        

Blue #20      Blue #36         Grey #10      Grey #55       

Blue #21      Blue #37         Grey #11      Grey #56       

Blue #22      Blue #38         Grey #12      Grey #57         

Blue #23      Blue #39         Grey #30      Grey #58           

Blue #24      Blue #40         Grey #31      Grey #59         

Blue #25      Blue #41         Grey #32             

Blue #26      Blue #42                


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