Monday’s Jamboree began with beautiful weather and a host of excellent college prospects. That also brought out an exceptionally large group of college coaches that grew as the hitters took their turns in live BP. Our pitcher and catcher groups were amazing. In total we had 24 quality pitchers and 30 very good catchers. Of the 2023 pitchers, 6 of the 9 threw it 60 mph or higher, led by Faith Jordan (65 mph), Kaelani Randle (63 mph), and Alexis Toner (63 mph). All three did a nice job in the bullpen as well displaying a solid set of spins and command.

In the 2024 class, Reagan Troy dialed it up to an effortless and consistent 65 mph. Reagan has a nice array of downball pitches. She keeps it low and locates well. Kyndal Williams and Reagan Hall displayed solid velocity in the low 60s that played well along side their spins, location, and ability to change speeds.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention 2025 P/UT Gracie Ream. She is quickly emerging as one of the top pitching prospects in the country in her class. Gracie has very good command of a nice array of pitches. She also can bring it in the mid 60s, pitching effectively at 64 mph consistently. Gracie will most likely be highly recruited when all is said and done.

The catching group was equally as talented as the pitchers. There are far too many quality catchers to name here. Suffice it to say that the vast majority of these catchers will be playing at the D1 level in the years ahead. Two outstanding prospects in the 2023 class were C/1B Audrey Gillespie and Addyson Bruneman. Audrey hails from Northern California where she plays for All American Sports Academy. Addyson came to us from Florida where she plays for the Tampa Mustangs. Both catchers control the bases and have outstanding pop times.

2024 Tara Vandewater is one of the best athletes in her class and is a multi-tooled player who can catch, play middle infield, and outfield. This young lady can throw it 72 mph, can run, and can hit. Basically she can do it all. 

Ruby Laws-Albano (C/OF) can really swing the bat. She has great pop times that run consistently in the 1.7s. Many catchers think they can bring it in the 1.7 or 1.8 range. Few actually can. Ruby can. And she can do it consistently. She is going to be a shut-down catcher at the next level.

In the 2025 class, Chloe Ream has really started to emerge as a high level catching prospect. We have watched her grow over the last few years, and her development has been remarkable. Chloe’s pop times run consistently in the 1.7s. Not only can she catch. She is a solid hitter who will only get better. 

2025 C/1B Joy Wilde had a really solid day. She can hit it a ton. She is a very good catcher. And she is part of the Seattle Mariners “Hometown Nine” which recognizes leaders under the age of 30 from the Seattle/Tacoma area. There is no doubt that Joy is going to be a high level recruit when her turn comes. 

Also in the 2025 class Brooke Tacke, Charleigh Schuettler, Maile Ha’o, Annika Norquist, Savannah Palmatier, and Tanzie Smith. They starred along with 2026 prospects Kalani Higa and Karmen Vasquez. From top to bottom this was a remarkable group of catchers for sure. It is one of the best groups we have seen in recent memory. 

The position players were very good as well. There are way too many to speak to at this point in time. Believe me when I say one hitter after another showed extremely well on this day. And putting it all together – pitchers, catchers, hitters, defenders – it was easy to see why the large number of college coaches in attendance thought it was one of the best collections of talent they have seen.

Below are the ODM Numbers, along with the pitch speeds and pop times. If you have questions about the ODM numbers, please email KJ with ODM at

ODM Numbers:

Red Tank

Black Tank

Blue/Grey Tank

Pitch Speeds and Pop Times

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