Tryout FAQs

Is there an age limit for players attending tryouts?

  • No, we do not set a minimum age. But we encourage players to start attending tryouts at 13 years old. 

Should I travel for a tryout?

  • We don't encourage players to travel for tryouts. If there isn't a tryout in your area, email a skills video, graduation year, position, travel ball schedule, and what Jamboree you're interested in attending. We don't guarantee game attendance or that we will see enough in a video for selection to a Jamboree.

Are players invited to tryouts? 

  • No, any player that is looking to be selected for a Jamboree or Elite Camp can attend a tryout. Players looking to get a baseline evaluation and ODM numbers also attend tryouts.

How do players register for tryouts? And when do registrations open?

  • All registration must be done online via the specific tryout page. Players will need to create a profile or log-in to their existing profile to register. Once the player is registered, they are confirmed for the tryout. Tryout registrations open 6 weeks prior to the tryout date.

How much does a tryout cost?

  • Tryouts are $135 per player. Team or sibling discounts are not available.

How do I make changes to a tryout registration?

  • All changes must be emailed to Changes made to a player profile will not change information on the registration.

Can players switch sessions or switch to a different tryout?

  • Players can switch to a different session at the same tryout until the day before the tryout. Players cannot switch to a tryout that doesn't have an open registration. For more information on our cancellation/refund policy click here

How and when do I get information about the tryout?

  • All registered players will receive reminder emails starting 2 weeks prior to the tryout. Emails will be sent to the address used for registration. Add to your contacts so our emails don't go to spam/junk.

When and where are tryout results posted?

  • The tryout review, player selections and ODM numbers are posted on the specific tryout page within a week of the tryout. A follow-up email will be sent once the information is posted. Players can access past tryout results via the tryout schedule, clicking on "view past tryout results" on the main tryout page or use the link in the reminder emails.

How are players selected from a tryout?

  • Players are selected based on their overall evaluation. This includes, hitting (slapping), fielding, catching and pitching if applicable and ODM numbers. Please remember we select players that have the overall skill level required to participate in a Jamboree.

Are tryouts only for specific Jamborees?

  • No. All players are considered for all Jamborees. Players in certain areas are given priority to Jamborees in their area. ie, we would not invite a player from the West Coast to the Chicago Jamboree, unless specifically requested.

Do players get an Allister Index with their tryout ODM Numbers?

Do players get an evaluation after the tryout?

  • Yes, tryout evaluations are available for purchase ($45 per player) for 2 weeks after the tryout. The follow-up email will include a link and information on how to purchase the detailed evaluation. 

What happens if I am not selected for a Jamboree?

  • For players that aren't selected for a Jamboree, we still want to see how you progress. We encourage players to email their travel ball schedules to or attend a Report Camp. 

What is a Report Camp?

  • Report Camps are a hybrid of a Tryout and a Jamboree. For more information on Report Camps view the Report Camp FAQs page.

How often should I attend a tryout?

  • Once a year, if needed. If you weren't selected for a Jamboree and would like to attend another tryout, we encourage players to work on their skill set and attend a local tryout the following year. 

What if a player is selected for a Jamboree and can't attend?

  • Players are only guaranteed invitations for their selected Jamborees. If you can't attend your selected Jamboree, email

Why can't a player switch to the Rosetta Canyon Jamboree?

  • These Jamborees are our most requested events and thus more selective. Players that are selected for other Jamborees were considered for these Jamborees and could possibly be invited the following year. All selections are based on the player's yearly evaluation. ie, A 2021 Colorado Jamboree participant might be selected for the 2022 Rosetta Canyon Jamboree.

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