Phoenix area tryouts have a history of producing great players for OnDeck events, and this year was no different. Over the past decade, players such as Alyssa DiCarlo, Grace Lyons, DeNae Chatman, Maddie Bejarano to name just a few have walked into this tryout, been invited to an OnDeck Jamborees, and matriculated to schools all over the country.

Before we mention a few players from the tryout, we would like to thank Bruce Bonstrom and Becca Lee for their help. Bruce has a long history with OnDeck and is a good friend. Becca Lee is former OnDeck participant during her days with the Grapettes and the Corona Angels. So it was great to see Becca and Bruce. And we certainly appreciate their help.

As for the tryout itself, several players stood out on the day and we would like to mention them here.  2023 Makena Dahir is a strong, agile outfielder and corner infielder who can really swing the bat. 2024 Aja Herbert looked very good offensively and defensively and has has a cannon of an arm. 2024 SS Lauryn Carbajal was also very good and we can’t wait to get her in front of the college coaches. And two youngsters, 2026 Zoey Kuhl and 2027 Daisy Herrera, are ones to keep an eye one. Zoey covers effortlessly in the OF. And Daisy shows potential as a SS, a pitcher, and a hitter.

Arizona is without question a softball hotbed. With three DI programs in the state – University of Arizona, Arizona State, and Grand Canyon – this is an area that should be heavily recruited by softball programs across the country each and every year.  

Obviously there were a number of others who excelled as well. And we appreciate all the players and parents who came out for the day.

Listed below are the players selected and the invitations they are guaranteed. It is important to know that all players were considered for Jamborees. The Rosetta Cayon JamboreeTemecula Jamboree and Colorado Jamboree invitations will be sent January 3rd. Information for the Report Camps will be sent when scheduled and available. All invitations are sent via email to the address provided in registration, unless otherwise requested. Please add to your contacts to ensure you get the invitation.

Rosetta Canyon Jamboree

  • Lauryn Carbajal
  • Makena Dahir
  • Aja Herbert
  • Daisy Herrera

Temecula Jamboree

  • McKinsey Beyer
  • Faith Kroening
  • Tawnie Mozeris 

Colorado Jamboree

  • Isabelle Aguirre
  • Molli Daley
  • Jordan Goedel
  • Zoey Kuhl
  • Cecelia Marquez
  • Rebecca Merkes

Report Camp

  • Gianna Baca
  • LuLu Erkal
  • Olivia Ferreira
  • Andrea Garcia
  • Peyton Green
  • Lillian Hamel
  • Paige Hammarstrom
  • Inez Hatori-Laa
  • Julianna Hynes
  • Amirah Lenon
  • Abigail Love
  • Mikayla Mendoza
  • Alli Mullen
  • Elizabeth Sztan
  • Madelyn Torrenueva 
  • Madelyn Webb
  • Briah Williams

Please remember that the ODM numbers, while growing increasingly important, are only a snapshot of a player’s evaluation and potential. They are also just a portion of the Tryout selection process, for more information read Your Tryout & ODM Numbers. Use these numbers as a tool and work at developing your athleticism, but constantly work on improving and refining your softball skill set – both offensively and defensively.

These numbers have also been posted to your profile. An Allister Index is not given with Tryout ODM numbers.

Click Here to view ODM Numbers

Player evaluations were available for purchase for 2 weeks after the tryout. If you are interested in an evaluation. email We do not guarantee evaluations can be done after the 2 week window.


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