It was a great weekend with two full sessions at Victory Field in Encino, CA. This is always a very special weekend for us since it is the last chance for us to see west coast players prior to summer Jamborees. We had a very talented group over the course of the two days, and we are anxious to get these players in front of college coaches 

Right out of the gate, we have to mention 2021 middle infielder Kate Blunt, an extremely talented player with roots in baseball. She plays on her high school varsity baseball team and plays softball in the summer. She is smooth as can be defensively, and a solid hitter with gap power. 2021 Jayna Zepeda had a very good day and is a smooth fielding SS who can really swing it. 2023 OF/MI Sophia Knight has a wonderful skill set and excellent athleticism, and 2023 MI Brielle Normandin is a solid defender with one of the quickest releases we have seen recently. Sohpia’s hitting mechanics are very solid. Her defensive play is mature beyond her years. Brielle is ready to play right now defensively, and her offensive game is coming fast. On Sunday, 2020 pitcher Devin Waddell was impressive. This lefty was a solid hitter, a nice defender, and an excellent talent in the circle. Joining her was 2021 Carly Koltko, a talented pitcher, 1B, and hitter. And finally 2023 Jaydyn Leon is a smooth defender and a solid hitting talent. Jaydyn has a chance to be highly recruited if she keeps working on her game. 

We want to thank all the players and parents for attending the SoCal Tryout and making these two great days of softball. If you were not selected, please don't be discouraged. We want to see you play again and we will be out scouting games during the spring and summer. Please keep us updated on your tournament and game schedules and email them to

Listed below are the players selected and the invitations they are guaranteed. It is important to know that all players were considered for all Jamborees. The Huntington Beach Jamboree, Rosetta Canyon Jamboree and Colorado Jamboree invitations will be sent Friday, May 10th. All invitations are sent via email to the address provided in registration, unless otherwise requested. Please add to your contacts to ensure you get the invitation. Fall Jamborees will be assigned and invitations will be sent August 5th. Jamborees are not interchangeable and we can't guarantee placement in another Jamboree, if you can't attend your selected event email

Huntington Beach Jamboree

  • Noni Chaves
  • Taryn Clements
  • Sophia Knight
  • Jaelynn Lambert
  • Jaedyn Leon
  • Makayla Mathis
  • Aimee Metz
  • Gabby Padilla
  • Devin Waddell
  • Jayna Zepeda

Rosetta Canyon Jamboree

  • Kate Blunt
  • Brielle Normandin

Colorado Jamboree (Sunday or Monday)

  • Leila Chavez
  • Jocelyn Diaz
  • Isabelle Fishman
  • Kylie Galindo
  • Carly Koltko
  • Abigail Miller
  • Liesl Osteen
  • Amanda Siegel
  • Stephanie Wichman

Fall Jamboree

  • Sofia Hollingsworth
  • Alexis Jimenez

Please remember that the ODM numbers, while growing increasingly important, are only a snapshot of a player’s evaluation and potential. They are also just a portion of the Tryout selection process, for more information read Your Tryout & ODM Numbers. Use these numbers as a tool and work at developing your athleticism, but constantly work on improving and refining your softball skill set – both offensively and defensively.

These numbers have also been posted to your profile. An Allister Index is not given with Tryout ODM numbers.

Email ODM at if you have any questions about the ODM Numbers.



Player evaluations are available for purchase for two weeks after the Tryout ($20/player). Evaluations take about a week to be written and formatted from the date of purchase. All evaluations will be emailed to the address provided. If you are interested in a detailed tryout evaluation:

***The deadline to purchase an evaluation was May 23rd

If you are interested in purchasing an evaluation after the deadline email us at We can't guarantee the turnaround time.


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