KABOOM! That’s how the Rosetta Canyon Jamboree (formerly the Hemet Jamboree) started. The catchers set the tone for the day, began dropping bombs right out of the gate. Not only over the fence. But way over the fence. Over the 50’ net that sits about 230’ from home plate and into the parking lot. We had people moving cars!

It was a fun-filled day of softball for the players who performed superbly in front of a large contingent of college coaches. We knew it was going to be a good day when UCLA Head Coach Kelly Inouye-Perez walked thru the gates fresh off her National Championship. That was a wow by itself, but it also illustrated the talent level that was participating.

As mentioned earlier, the catchers were simply bombers. The 30 pitchers were some of the best in the west. The position players were excellent as well. And everyone got to see a special outfield workout that showcased the primary position outfielders. We will be excited to see what happens with all these players in the year ahead.

Some high level performances were turned in by a great number of players. There are far too many to mention here. However, 2021 catchers Marissa Gonzalez and Kendall Lundberg from the Corona Angels both were great. They are high level athletes and solid hitters. 2022 catcher Jackie Alday from the NorCal Firecrackers is one of the purest hitters on the West Coast. Another NorCal Firecracker, 2023  Addie Mettler, is destined to be a star, has good bat and is exceptional behind the plate.

The pitching contingent was loaded and one of the deepest we have seen in one event in many years. 2020 Taylor Caudill (Monarchs) continued to show her considerable talent, mixing solid velocity with good location, good down spin, and a devastating change. 2020 Alyssa Orr from the Sorcerers displayed pin-point location with good movement, an emerging prospect who will secure her school soon. 2021 pitchers Meghan Golden (AZ Athletics) and Annabel Teperson (Sorcerers) also were brilliant in the circle. The 2022 group of Piper Reed (Firecrackers), Reis Beuerlein (AZ Athletics Mercado), Trisha McCleskey (Firecrackers), Presley Hosick (Batbusters), Kaysen Korth (Utah Fastpitch), Brooklyn Carreon (Firecrackers), Rylee Wyman (NorCal Batbusters), and Riley Lauffer (AZ Storm) indicate that this class is going to be a very deep pool of talent. Rarely do we mention an entire class, but in this case it only makes sense to mention all these young ladies who have a chance to be high level pitchers if they continue to work hard. And finally, the 2023 group was impressive as well. Liliana Arana (Firecrackers), Jocelyn Briski (AZ Storm), Jenissa Conway (Sorcerers), Delainey Everett (NorCal Firecrackers), Camryn Davis (AZ Storm), Ryan Maddox (Dirtdogs), and Kaitlyn Terry (AZ Storm) all showed the combination of velocity, movement, location and athleticism that college coaches covet. And really, the entire group of pitchers showed very well. Obviously the state of Arizona is a hotbed of pitching talent right now.

As for the position players . . . well again, we had far too many great performances to count. 2021 Joecellia Roberts (NorCal Firecrackers) was amazing offensively and combines the rare ability to hit it deep and hit for average. 2021 Malia Babasa (Grapettes) is just a quality hitter who will be ready to play right away at the next level. 2021 infielder Maddie Moore deserves special note simply based on her explosive athleticism. Maddie is an elite athlete with a 108.28 Allister Index and throws the ball 74 mph. 2022s Jessica Oakland (Cal Nuggets) and Brienna Weekes (SoCal Athletics) were excellent hitters and defenders. And finally 2023 Jade Berry (AZ Storm) is just legit…athletic, smooth, and sophisticated beyond her years.

We want to thank all the coaches, players, and families who made this a very special event. We will look forward to following all the players over the summer and into the fall. Click here for information on the star rating system.

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