First we would like to start by thanking Charlie Pikas and AASA for all their help with the tryout. Legacy Fields has been a great place fo a tryout and we look forward to future events at that complex.

As for the tryout, it was a solid two days. Saturday had some big hitters and solid defenders. 2023 Alyssa Villarde is an excellent SS; smooth with the glove and has a quick release. 2024s Hannah Duncan and Apple Maldonado showed big power at the plate. 2026 Madison Babasa is a solid player, athletic and strong for her age.

Sunday's session had a solid mix of younger and older players that are well skilled. 2023 Lauren Deplitch is an excellent OF, that plays the position with a skill set we rarely see. 2025 Jayda Crosby is very good defensively showing a real upside at the plate. 2027 Lucy Kimura is sure to be a pitcher on the radar of lots of schools in the years ahead. Throws it 60 mph, locates it and spins are emerging. 2027 Mia Wong has an excellent skill set offensively & defensively, and her pitching is trending in the right direction.

There were a number of players that we are excited to get in front of coaches this summer and fall. We want to encourage all players to continue to work on their skill set, as well as their athleticism. Use the ODM numbers, to improve your game while developing your skills and track your progress.

We want to thank all the players and parents who joined us for this tryout, it was a lot of fun. Please keep us updated on your tournament and game schedules and email them to

Listed below are the players selected and the invitations they are guaranteed. It is important to know that all players were considered for each Jamboree. The Rosetta Canyon Jamboree and Colorado Jamboree invitations have been sent. The Fall Jamboree invitations will be sent July 8th. All invitations are sent via email to the address provided in registration, unless otherwise requested. Please add to your contacts to ensure you get the invitation.

Rosetta Canyon

  • Lauren Deplitch 
  • Sarah Deplitch 
  • Lucy Kimura
  • Hayden Kyne
  • Alyssa Villarde
  • Mia Wong

Colorado Jamboree

  • Tyla Arbuckle
  • Madison Babasa
  • Madison Choi
  • Trinity Compani
  • Jayda Crosby
  • Andrea Dejesus
  • Hannah Duncan
  • Lana Escarcega
  • Alyanna Gonzales
  • Summer Lagomarsino
  • Maryn MacNeil
  • Apple Maldonado
  • Jordan McCafferty
  • Annika Norquist
  • Ava Rojas
  • Hailey Stegall

Fall Jamboree (Nov 4th)

  • Shyanne Aragon
  • Sophia Asar 
  • Keira Brady
  • Oona Capristo
  • Monica Chavez
  • Chloe Chun
  • Tivoli Corpuz
  • Kylee Crossman
  • Kymber Dao
  • Leila Dixon
  • Taryn East
  • Jiselle Esquivel
  • Sydney Faria
  • Stella Ferrante
  • Alyssa Flindt
  • Emma Foster
  • Mallory Hamilton
  • Abigail Knopp
  • Julie Kraybill
  • Sami Mckown
  • Allison Mitloff
  • Kate Munnerlyn
  • Kadence Nulick 
  • Abril Parker
  • Alana Robinson
  • Danica Russell
  • Adriana Schreck 
  • Desiree Shoblo
  • Makena Sieling
  • Kierstin Wick
  • Elisea Wiegand
  • Lauren  Wilson

Please remember that the ODM numbers, while growing increasingly important, are only a snapshot of a player’s evaluation and potential. They are also just a portion of the Tryout selection process, for more information read Your Tryout & ODM Numbers. Use these numbers as a tool and work at developing your athleticism, but constantly work on improving and refining your softball skill set – both offensively and defensively.

These numbers have also been posted to your profile. An Allister Index is not given with Tryout ODM numbers.

Saturday Session

Sunday Session

Player evaluations are available for purchase for the next two weeks ($35/player). Evaluations take 10 business days to be written, formatted and posted from the date of purchase. If you are interested in a detailed tryout evaluation:

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***All tryout evaluations must be purchased by April 1st***

If you have any questions email us at


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