Day 2 at Rosetta Canyon also was extremely successful with a host of outstanding performances. 

The catching group was very good offensively as a whole, and there were several surprising prospects. 2023s Makyia Taylor and Emma Tolley were very good. Not only did they hit well, but they did a nice job behind the plate. Makyia's pop times are a solid 1.96 and will only get better as she moves on to the next level. Emma displayed a high level of athleticism that will serve her well. 2024 Mia Krueger can really swing the bat and she had exceptional pop times hovering around 1.8 consistently.

2023 1B Makenzie Stenson also put on a show offensively. A bomber who can hit it deep and often. She is solid around the bag as well. Her recruiting should take shape in the next few months as more college coaches become aware of her abilities. 

Players in the 2024 class were well represented on this day. Outfielders Rylie Haith, Victoria Prado, Jordan McMahon, and Sabria Ritto were very good offensively and defensively. All of them have a chance to play at the Power 5 level. Kate Vance is going to be an exceptional player at the next level. Kate is solid offensively and spectacular defensively at SS. 

2025s Mia Gomez (1B), Raegan Holtorf (SS)Trinity Munoz (SS), and Sophia Everett (OF/C) are all high level players who will play at the Power 5 level for sure if they continue to work. All four players are sophisticated defenders and upper level offensive prospects. We will be anxious to follow their progress for sure. 

And finally in the 2026 group, we had probably one of the deepest, most talented groups we have ever had in one class. Ava Briski, Karsyn Norton, Peyton Valentine, Sienna Caro, Kiki Harris, Sofia Hernandez, Aubrey McLaughlin, and Aaliyah Mosqueda all are going to play at a high level if they keep working.

At the conclusion of the two days at Rosetta Canyon, we all felt it was an outstanding group of prospects for schools of all levels. There is no doubt that the young players were some of the finest players in their class both regionally and nationally. We can’t wait to see them all develop and realize their dreams of playing college softball.

Please remember that the ODM numbers, while growing increasingly important, are only a snapshot of a player’s evaluation and potential. Use these numbers as a tool and work at developing your athleticism, but constantly work on improving and refining your softball skill set – both offensively and defensively.

The ODM numbers have also been posted to your profile. Pitch speeds and pop times are listed on the ODM Sheets.

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