2017 Year End Review

2017 Year in Review

2017 ended as being one of the best years ever for OnDeck Softball. Over 700 college coaches and 1000 players participated in nine Jamborees and/or Elite Camps.

OnDeck Measurements continued its run as the only recognized testing program in the sport. With over 20,000 players tested, ODM college and high school averages have become an integral part of the softball analytics scene.

This year we partnered with The Right Profile and introduced the TAP test - online athletic mental assessment. This test, has been used by the New England Patriots for over 20 years, will soon usher in an entirely new age in the recruiting process. Coaches, players, and parents are all starting to pay attention when answering the question, “what’s your athlete type”?  

We kicked off the year with the 2017 Banditfest at The Dome in Rosemont. There were several high level pitchers and the position players turned in a solid performance. We really enjoy working with Beverly Bandit coach, Bill Conroy, and Illinois Chill coach, Gerry Quinn, they are wonderful people who share our vision for helping players through-out the Midwest.

The summer kicked off with June Jamboree in Hemet and it lived up to the hype. The players were outstanding and overall put in a really good day. We also want to thank Dave King and Triple Crown Sports for their help and we appreciate their partnership for this Jamboree.

The two sessions of the Colorado Jamboree brought players from all over the country. The Sunday session had an unbelievable group of lefty hitters and we saw solid outings from the 2018-2020 players. The Monday session had another good representation of older players and was loaded with hitters in the 2019 class.

The Chicago Jamboree held one of the best group of pitchers we have had in one camp. They consistently hit their spots, had command of their pitches and brought the velocity. The hitters and position players showed why the Midwest is continuing to produce high level softball players.

Ending the summer with the NorCal Jamboree that showed a great group defensively and a solid younger group with good potential.

The changes to the recruiting calendar in the fall caused us to move some things around, but we were very thankful for the support and participation across the board. We closed out the the year with the West Coast Elite Camp, Midwest Elite Camp and Arizona Jamboree. Both Elite Camps showed high level talent and exceeded our expectations. The Arizona Jamboree was a solid regional camp with lots of younger players with all the tools to be college softball players.

As we wrap up 2017 we want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of OnDeck Softball. We also want to congratulate all the players that have committed this year and we look forward to following your career. 

Looking ahead to 2018

Looking ahead to 2018 we have an exciting addition to our calendar. We are happy to announce we have added the Huntington Beach Jamboree (June 7th). The Huntington Beach Jamboree will be held in addition to the Hemet Jamboree, formerly known as June Jamboree. 2018 is sure to bring on a great year for OnDeck Softball and all the players that participate in Tryouts, Jamborees and Elite Camps.


OnDeck helps high school softball players and college coaches connect. Our events give players ways to showcase their talent, and college coaches a venue to evaluate players across the country.

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